Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nacho Mammas

Ok, this is the funny part of the day happenings for the older boys and Dad. I called in to see how things were going. Dave stated that they were eating. While driving down Manchester Road he mentioned to the boys the various eating establishments. . . Applebees, Imos, Nacho Mammas . . . . The boys yelled from the backseat . . . "Nacho Mammas!" It was settled that they would eat there for lunch. Dave said "It is a real dive and the portions are huge. We are sharing a nachos grande." He mentioned seeing two faithful bloggers Stacey and Sue at the dive. I was laughing to think how much they were enjoying themselves.

Today has been a good day. My eye does flutter at times but oh well if that is the worst part of my day - I cannot complain. FYI - I have yet to call an eye doctor for an eye exam.

Here's to starting summer with Nacho Mammas!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

It was great to see Dave and the boys yesterday at Nacho Mamma's. That place IS a dive but it must be pretty popular. Jeff & Wendi Butler were in town and we met them for lunch; they LOVE Mexican food and that is their favorite restaurant. While we were there we saw one of my daughter's friends from preschool. They live in west county like we do, and they LOOK for reasons to drive to Rock Hill to eat at Nacho Mamma's! We also saw Dave Murray, who does weather on one of the local channels. Nacho Mamma's has a drive-thru and they also sell alcohol -- I just hope they don't serve alcohol at the drive-thru! :->

Hope Dave and the boys found some good books to read this summer!

Stacey Preis