Sunday, May 20, 2007

No News is Good News

Cole sharing his snow cone at our church picnic today.
Oooooh it's cold.

The old saying is correct. No news is good news. It has been already one week since I last posted. Life is quickly passing by. With school coming to an end this Friday there has been two birthday parties to attend, mulitple baseball and softball games, an upcoming closing chapel, two picnics and two farewell parties. This Tuesday at our home we are hosting a farewell party for Madee, a sweet girl in Cole's class. She is moving to Pennsylvania on Saturday. Our whole family will sorely miss her family. I am not sure I have come to terms with them leaving just yet. Leigh Ann, Madee's mom has been such a sweet friend to me. I am looking forward to hearing the first graders share what they have appreciated about Madee at the party.

Summer fun is just around the corner. This year it has really caught me by surprise. I don't have any big agendas for the break. Swimming will be a top priority. Carter gets to go away to a three days two nights camp for rising third and fourth graders. He is thrilled! The camp is only about an hour away. Cole I know will enjoy sleeping in more and playing with his lego contraptions. Carter on the other hand hasn't mastered the art of sleeping in. He is waiting for a party or a new adventure. Sounds like someone else in the family? hint: The only "she" in the family. We will see aunt Jeannie more since she works at the Kirkwood library. They have an outstanding summer reading program.

Aside from the occasional aches in the head, eye twitching and some fatigue I really cannot complain. Naps are helping. Truly I am more amazed every day how my body is feeling. Yes, the aches do at times alarm me but not enough to merit a strong concern just more reason to rest. My next MRI is Monday, June 11 with Dr. Needles follow up on Wednesday, June 13. Very thankful that I switched doctors closer to home with the rising gas prices as such. Whoa- a whopping $3 a gallon. No thanks!

Others have asked how I am doing with family meals. It has been a constant struggle so I am now looking into an evening session of cooking at an off site location. Twelve entrees are made in about two hours with no cleanup hassle. They are then stored in our freezer for future usage. The menu items are easily adaptable for our family not to mention very yummy looking. I might even recruit some friends to join for a fun girls night out. You wanna join? Unfortunately no group discount is given that I know of.
Snodgrass dudes ready to rumble

Carter and Cole had a blast sitting on Mr. Wichts bike last weekend. They didn't get to ride around but I am sure they wanted to. Their jaws dropped and eyes were gazing (almost googly) when he drove off listening to the motor. Such a boy toy.


Anonymous said...

I will have to say I love going to time for dinner to make meals with friends. We usually go once a month. You can split 12 meals which is 6 each and serve 3-4 people for around $100. Time for dinner also does give an 11 meal free if you have 10 meals or 10 other people with you. Read for details. Time for dinner is advised by Chef/ex-owner of Sidney Street Cafe. It is a great place.
Glad you are doing well.
April C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

Where are you going to do the meal prep thing? I just went to Let's Dish and we love the meals we've had so far. FYI: If you host a party and 12+ people come, the host - that would be YOU! - gets 8 dishes free. (I didn't do it this way but I just read about it on their site. What a deal!) Think about it: a girls' night out, meals to put in the freezer when we get home, and a ministry opportunity for a friend at the same time! Other places may do that too... I've only been to this one.

Loved the Mother's Day pics and the updates. You know we're still praying for you regularly, for LOTS more Mother's Days!

Stacey Preis

Ramona Lisa said...

I've heard great things about The meal preparation places. Lots of gals from Covenant have taken part. I'm up for it if you get a group together!

The boys look so cool on that motorcycle. Maybe they want to pool their piggy banks and take it off our hands?! We're seriously taking bids on my blog.

Thinking of you often, Ramona

aunt dee dee said...

can't wait to see you at the library...

Laura Joback said...

I'm with ya' with the "boy toy" thing and the motorcycle! Isaac is totally ga-ga over Dave's (Angi's husband)motorcycle and Alan's racing motorbike (Angi's son). He likes to tell me what color they are in SPANISH (thanks, Dora). Count me in w/ the meal thing if you're keeping a list. Broken up between lots of families, it may not be too pricey (and not-too-pricey sounds FAB-ulous to me)! I was in the car (uh, er,....I mean minivan) yesterday right beside someone on one of those deep-sounding vibratory type motorcycles. I don't think I would do well riding one of those. I think it would make me have to pee. Hope those of you that don't know me don't think I'm too wierd. I'm a little bit so, but not too bad.
Love ya and praying for ya and the fam! LJ

Anonymous said...

Kate...I have to agree with April...I also have really enjoyed going to Time For Dinner & most of the meals have been a real hit! Not only is it a lot of fun, it is super organized & clean...something I am really into =). If you get on their emailing list, you will periodically receive coupons/discount offers. The website is very helpful too...You can look at this month's menu along with what's coming up in the next month & then reserve a time slot to go in. You can also pay online if you want to avoid dealing with that when you get there. The times I have gone with a group of friends, we've brought along wine/cheese/crackers, etc. & made a little party out of it. Time For Dinner usually has a sample or two out of upcoming menu items for you to taste. Anyways, I'm a fan of Time For Dinner. Call me if you get a group together!

You continue to be in my prayers...
Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we have a party for making dinner......Do you want me to help organize?!?!? It will give you longer days at the pool with the boys if you only have to come home throw a dish in the oven, make a salad and cut up some melon!
Let do it!

Anonymous said...

Them boys look good on that there motorcycle! Yeehaw!