Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mom getting her groove back

Cole, Stuart & Carter with Mom!

Happy Mothers Day

Prior to leaving for church gifts were given. Cole gave me a handmade loom weave square. It could be used for a miniature pot holder or a coaster. He also gave me a decorated stepping stone last night. He was so excited that he couldn't wait for me to see it. Carter made a neat bird feeder from the base of a clay pot. A blue jay enjoyed himself at dinner tonight. The blue jay reminded me of my high school days as it was our mascot. I have heard that they are aggresive birds. (Need to do some research on that one.) I love homemade gifts made by the boys more than anything. I marvel at the handiwork of God. How He takes a tiny cell and then develops them into creative beings that can do wonderful things with their hands and minds. All for his glory.

Dave brought home a beautiful pink hydrangea plant from all the Snodgrass boys on Friday. I love flowers. Lastly, besides homemade cards a hilarious e-card from the boys was sent to me called Help Mom get her groove back. It had a cat outfitted in sunglasses doing groovy disco moves when DJ Doggie played the titled CD's of 1. Mom, I'll hustle to the store for you 2. Don't go dissin my Mom 3. Yo! Yo! Mom! I cleaned my room (the best one) 4. Hang 10 Mom, I'm cooking. All laughed as I was being entertained tonight. So glad I hadn't posted this till I read my Hallmark e-card.

The Snodgrass men took me out to brunch at First Watch. It is a favorite spot of mine that I haven't frequented much lately. After eating we came home to nap that is Stuart, Daddy and I. Daddy was sleeping in and out of watching some sports event on TV. After waking I was able to then go to a friends home to deliver a sympathy card and a plant due to them not being able to conceive yet another child. Cancer has really shown me more clearly that pain is pain no matter what it is and it hurts. I came home to tinker in my Moms garden pulling weeds. Being outdoors is a joy.

Church today was bittersweet. I was thinking about the "what if". My heart was aching thinking of the possibility of my boys not having me in less than 4 years. I find that the only time I cry is due to the possible hurts that the boys could experience. I have been emotionally fine for the most part up till this morning and thankful the sadness didn't last that long. It also helped that the sermon was on Romans 8. God love is so good. I am grateful.


Gram said...

Well just to let everyone know that Gram had the ultimate compliment this weekend after spending all day Saturday manicuring Great Grandpa's yard. My brother-in-law Tom stopped by and said the yard looked like the ones in St. Louis Hills where not a blade of grass is out of place. I have been working hard to keep up with the widow across the street. Her's is perfection. When I heard the weed eating boy on Mother's day evening across the street I was quite upset. How dare the widow have her boy over on Mother's day. She just will not let me get ahead of her. So tomorrow I will pinch off my saggy marigolds so I can bring new life to them.
My whole yard theme revolves around a water fountain that was given to me by a old high school friend. Now greatgrandpa can sit in his wicker rocker next to the soothing water sound and keep an eye on the neighborhood while the flowers grow. I do love this time of year.
Mothers day was good and child # 4 gets the prize for a card delivered the day before. From Byhalia Mississippi was the card that read: MOM whenever I fell, you were there. When I bruised my knee, you were there, When I got sick, you were there... (inside) What are you? some kind of junx?! Just Kidding! Happy Mother's Day
Well no mushey flower filled card here. However by the end of the day another card was hand delivered with a pretty little girl in a straw hat by #2. #3 gave me a little flower that I planted near the mailbox. #1 and # 5 children have decided to try for next year. #5 did call to ask for advice on how to talk to her landlord. Then called back happy with the results. In the conversation she said, is it mothers day today. ALL DAY! Although #1 had to work today I did get a call early this morning from his wife. That was nice. All is well at the end of Mothers Day.
Kate, you wouldn't want to loan me that hydrangia plant. The widow doesn't have one in her yard. If I put a hydrangia plant out she would probably call those boys who scrub her gutters lily white each year. On second thought just keep it in west county. I'm getting weary of keeping up with Mrs. E.
Gram (thinking that she is like the two lady gardeners on channel 9 Rosemary & Thyme)

Laura Joback said...

Kate: What a wonderful picture of you with the boys--it's a keeper! I TOTALLY thought of you all on Friday w/ the field day and the rain--glad it wasn't too sopped to have fun! You looked like a biker dude's gal in your bandanna! Go Harley (....or not...) I ALSO thought of you yesterday on Mother's Day and wondered if your heart pondered the future, as it sounds like it did. Know you were in my prayers about those thoughts yesterday and EACH day. You're part of my routine (and a good routine IT IS to pray for you!) Glad to see your pretty hydrangea...ours that Mike bought last year has, I believe, officially bit it. It lies in a shriveled wad of sorry lookin' shrubbage admist the hardy hastas. Maybe all of this rain will revive it...I'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...


Love the picture of your hydrangea (how the heck do you spell that?) I have a beautiful one in my courtyard, but it hasn't flowered since the summer of 2003. I have asked it, very sweetly, to forgive me for whatever offense I committed and please bless me with another flower, but it just keeps holding out. (It's like trying to get a reluctant toddler to pee on the potty!!)

Hope your plant flourishes, just like your boys.


Anonymous said...

Just had to write a quick note to say you are beautiful! It remains a privelege to be able to share in your journey from a distance, and I continue to pray for you and your boys.
Love to you! Tiffani Gibbs

Ramona Lisa said...

Mother's Day is bittersweet, isn't it. We are so grateful for our children, and we love them so much that we'd do almost anything for their happiness. Just knowing that they will experience the inevitable pain of life makes my heart ache.

I'm thinking of you and praying for many wonderful years!

Love from the girl with the sympathy plant

Liza's Eyeview said...

aloha Kate

thanks for visiting my blog. I took the liberty of re-posting this photo in my blog and provided a link to hear. I hope that's ok. If not, just let me know. Thanks.