Monday, May 21, 2007

Chosen & Appointed

Before I was born the LORD chose me to serve him.
He appointed me by name.
Isaiah 49:1, NirV


Especially Heather said...


Anonymous said...

A great site is
You can select the menu plan to suit your family and even change plans in midstream. You'll receive by email, recipes for 5 meals each week, complete with the grocery shopping list. All are easy to prepare and surprisingly tasty. Even some that didn't sound good, were great.
I'd also suggest that you reserve a recipe box for your boys favorite meals as you make them - only recipes that get rave reviews. Within a year, you'll have a box of recipes that are all winners and can be used by you, the boys or a family helper without the stress of deciding what to make. 6 weeks worth of meals could be rotated over and over without getting tired of them. Would be a great gift to give copies of those recipes when the boys go out on their own.
Hugs to all!
Grammy C