Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Final preparations for Field Day are underway as the event is this Friday. Both Carter and Cole are on the red team and are loving the competition aspect of it all. I purposely put siblings on the same team to encourage teamwork on the homefront.

Not even knowing what I posted on this blog a friend called early last week wanting to make a meal for us. She had wanted to bring a meal early in this journey but it never panned out. I gladly accepted her offer and it tasted oh so good last night. The meal was a great blessing. It was good to know while I took a early walk with Stuart yesterday that I needn't worry about dinner plans. Thank you Heather.

As for the walk yesterday Stuart had so much fun counting the 22 birds, listening to their songs, seeing an injured rabbit and one white fluffy dog. He and I needed to get out an enjoy the morning without any agendas. My only errand yesterday was going to the bank to get coins for the Field Day coin competition. I am competitive too as you know. They are to bring in coins each day to see what team wins. The weight of the coins is the deciding factor. The money raised will go towards their previous Spanish teacher who with her husband is raising support to be a missionary in Mexico. Go Red Team!

I have been trying to rest more. After resting I then try to juggle the family and household duties. You might not see as many blog postings but keep checking in as I already have a draft made about MD Anderson and my vision.

One last item . . . my headaches have lessened which has been good. Rest is good. Very good.


Anonymous said...

Yea for rest! Thankful God provides our refreshment in such an enjoyable way.
Thankful you are feeling better, too.
Go Red team!

Ramona Lisa said...

Glad to see you're getting rest and having sweet moments with Stu and the boys. Nature walks are especially precious with toddlers this age. We ought to take Stuart and Liliana down to the creek this week. They'd have a ball!

I'm so happy to hear your headaches are getting better. Hooray for that! Talk to you soon!

Much love, Ramona

Anonymous said...


After my mom had her thoracotomy, she was shocked by her fatigue level in the following months. (and she DIDN'T have radiation!) I think healing takes a long time and is tremendously tiring for the body, and when you have other fatigue factors like young children, well, rest is one thing you can't get too much of!

Would it work for you to have a "chore day" at your house, or at least a chore morning? I could come over and either help you with house stuff, or just take care of a list of tasks you leave for me. Take me up on this before the girls get out of school! Call me.