Sunday, November 04, 2007

Comforts of Home

As I have successfully made pumpkin bread along with colonial pumpkin pie this evening it brought great joy. Carter and Cole separately asked me early last week when I was going to make the above items. It was a neat reminder to me that they each know what baking I do in the fall. Oh the comforts of home. Each boy helped in adding the ingredients of the pie. Carter helped make the whipping cream. He knew that we add real vanilla and some sugar. No fake stuff at our home. They will some day make great husbands who actually know their way around the kitchen.

It has taken some time to get the older boys on a good Saturday morning chore routine. They now take some initiative to have their chores completed. This week we decided to reward them with some allowance. After going to a local store they each know what items cost and are working toward saving for what they want. Carter was thrilled! He asked "What other chores can I do to earn more?" I told him to check the column that said "Marble earnings". He did and earned some more money instead of marbles. If you remember the "Caught ya being kind or Gotcha jar" is when we catch the boys doing a kind gesture toward others in and out of the home. After the jar is filled with marbles they decide what fun thing for us to do as a family. As for Cole owed us a little money and did an extra chore to wipe his slate clean. He then was rewarded with his full allowance. Dave and I will be working to instill in their hearts a desire to set aside a portion for saving, giving to God and fun money. Larry Burkett has written something on this subject.

On a side note: Stuart pretends to vacuum with his play vacuum with his motor mouth sounds while they vacuum on their assigned week. He makes sure he has my attention and says "Look Mommy I am vacuuming". It is so cute!

I did get my haircut this past Thursday. I was feeling ugly. Literally I felt as if the "ug" in ugly pertained to me alone. I knew it was time to do something with my hair and it had to be that day - Thursday! I called two hair dressers that had cut my hair in the past nine months whom I thought did a good job and took the one who could do it. I have to say it looks much better than the mullet I thought I had. Yes, laugh all you want I thought I looked as though I had a mullet with the radiated hair regrowth. Not the kind of look I have been going for. Dave was very affirming in his words when I returned home. He and I both love longer hair but he said that this is just temporary and it looked great - more proportional. (ie: no mullet even though he didn't say it). Dave even complimented me later in the evening as I was giving Stuart his bath by popping his head in the door to say it looks good. So thankful for his affirmations. I have found in doing my Bible studies that I need to find contentment in my circumstances. Especially in my hair I am needing to find contentment. I continually remind myself that I have hair. That is great in and of itself. No denying it.

This Tuesday and Wednesday is when I will share my testimony in each Bible study. Thank you for praying. As I look back at the year I am amazed at how far God has taken me and my family. Not just my health but every aspect of our lives. I hope others see this much needed change as well. It is hard to imagine that this Wednesday the 7th will be one year to date from brain surgery.

Next Tuesday the 13th at 1 pm is my MRI. Please pray for a clear scan and that all scans from April through September are compared with this scan. Pray for the "questionably minimally increased white matter" (scar tissue) to have no change. Dave and I will have our consult with Dr. Needles on Thursday the 15th in the morning.

Walking with God every step of the way. . . kate


Ramona Lisa said...

I agree with Dave the dynamo. Your hairstyle is very flattering and chic! And the short look is temporary.

The God who created, named and numbered the stars in the heavens also numbers the hairs of my head...He pays attention to very big things and to very small ones. What matters to me matters to Him...and that changes my life. ~Elisabeth Elliot

Thinking of you and praying for God to give you great wisdom and words during your testimony. Much love!

Anonymous said...

Love the new haircut!!! I'll be praying for you this week!! Emily

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you as you give your testimony over the next few days. I'll even remind Meredith.

Since we don't get to see you on a daily basis over the fall and winter could you post a pic of the new doo? By the time I see you in May it will all be grown back.

Anonymous said...


I agree with Jane and I will remind her to pray as well....


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

It is truly amazing to ponder this last year of your life! The women who get to hear your testimony will be very blessed indeed.

Praying for the MRI and subsequent appointment.


Anonymous said...


I am a fellow brain tumor survivor.(astrocytoma grade 2/resection april 06) Right now I am praying that your scan go great and that you have a peace in the days leading up to it. I pray continued healing in your body.


Laura Joback said...

Hey, girl! Your testimony DID go well on Tuesday, as I'm sure it did on Wednesday. You were blanketed w/ prayer by your many adoring friends and fans. You HAVE one, you know...a fan club, that is! As for the short "do..." It looks great & though it's not what you're used to, hair will return again from whence it came (unless you're follicularly challenged and male [most of the time])...yep! It'll grow back to the long lovely locks you've always had! You did great keeping it together in your talk, though breaking down during talking about Dave being your "PRINCE" had all of the ladies around me grabbing for Kleenex. They actually had a box that they were passing around BEFORE you even started talking! They passed it around again after the "PRINCE" comment. Not that I blamed them. I could barely hold the camcorder steady b/c I was wobbly bobbly trying not to tear up. You probably look like you're speaking on the deck of a ship or something w/ waves rocking the boat. No, just my wobbly bobbly arm trying to hold it together. In your corner! Laura and family

Anonymous said...

I feel that I need to make a comment in regards to Laura's. On Tuesday I was more weepy than what I had wanted to be. I think it had something to do with reading prior to leaving the house some of the sweet cards that were sent to me. Once arriving to Bible study the worship music team practicing prior to everyone arriving didn't help. Any hoo (as Laura would say), I did say "prince" in regards to Dave but it TOTALLY was not in my script. Oh well, I just wanted to make it clear to you the reader because it sounds so cheesy. My point in that section of my testimony was that Dave has been and continues to be such a great helpmate and true friend. I guess I slipped in that he is my prince as well. It's true but cheesy. I did not say it on Wednesday (today). I stuck to my notes.

Laura - You should have come today instead to video tape for your personal usage. Would have been somewhat wobbly but clearer in sound.