Friday, November 16, 2007

Dr. Forget's take

A message from Dr. Forget at 12:51 pm . . .

"Hey Kate, it's Dr. Forget returning your call. The film looks identical to me. I think there is a slightly different angle of the cuts in that way it was read a little differently. I looked at your pictures side to side there doesn't seem to be any change to my eye between September films and the film you had on Tuesday. If you need me talk to me give me a call back."

I needed him so I called around 1:15 this afternoon. He was in the OR and returned my call within 10 minutes. He restated what his message said and also said that he is 99% positive there is no change in the scans. There is some white haze but nothing to be concerned about. He made sure I understood that MRI pictures are taken in slices. To which I knew. I told him that Dr. Needles mentioned a possiblity of a MRS (definition stated below). He said he didn't think it would be a bad idea to put all minds at ease. Dr. Needles is not in today as Dr. Forget left a message with his nurse. We will wait and see what is in store in the next few days.

A variant called magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is capable of providing information on the activity of the brain using magnetic resonance imaging. MRS is proving to be accurate for distinguishing dead (necrotic) tissue caused by previous radiation treatments from recurring tumor cells in the brain, a difficult diagnostic issue. (Thank you Nancy for this defintion by email.)

So thankful for this news! It is a glimmer of hope yet still need to wait for a final conclusion as Dr. Forget only compared it to the September scan.

On a side note I did tell Dr. Forget that "You are a breath of fresh air today". I am sure he was reminded of how quacky his patient was a year ago. I am more and more thankful for how God placed the right doctors in my path in the past year.



Anonymous said...

That's great news, Kate. It is funny because I was reading your blog as I was waiting for a website to open in another window. As I got to the part where Dr. Forget said it was the same, the other website had this sound of people saying, "yea!" and clapping. It was really appropriate. I am glad for some good news that came quickly. Marcie

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

So glad for the clarification from Dr. Forget. It sounds like the additional test might be very helpful in putting your mind at rest.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!


Laura Joback said...

Been anxiously awaiting and reading your posts...hard to wait, hard to not let fear creep in when somebody says 99.9% (your flesh says...but what about the 0.1%?)...glad to hear that there is an imaging mode that can distinguish between growth and scar tissue. I would want my mind put at ease, too! Hurrah! We've been praying for you, the family, the doctors who have you under their care, and your loving husband who lifts you up daily. What a blessed woman you are! Love ya!