Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From Uneventful to Eventful

The MRI today went well. I think I actually fell asleep. We will see later tonight if that was the case. If I have more energy than normal at 10pm then it is true. I have always told people that there is no way a person could fall asleep with all the noise, clacks, loud bangs, etc. I was wrong. I must of been so relaxed enjoying my new CD mix of praise songs (thank you Big G). When Brenda the technician rolled me into the tube it seemed like only 8 minutes max that I was rolled back out to do my bloodwork and give the contrast for three more tests (10 more minutes). Many thanks to all who prayed for peace in the scan. That definitely was the case. I also had an opportunity to chat with a gal in the waiting area prior to my scan. Her husband was having a CAT scan to his throat for a questionable infection that was lingering. The test was ordered ASAP by his doctor.

The day concluded with an unplanned visit to our pediatrician, Dr. McKinney. Carter was having a great time playing tennis with Mr. Grant in their driveway after school. As Carter was returning a serve to Mr. Grant his racket unfortunately was turned a little and the tennis ball hit him directly in the eye without a chance to blink. He hit the pavement screaming. The pain did not let up after 10 minutes. I called Dr. McKinney's office at 4:15 and spoke with Camille his nurse. I was concerned about a corneal abrasion. He has had one before with a sharp stick in the eye. (A unique camping story.) After a few questions she said the only way to find out if it is scratched is to have the black light test. Dr. McKinney was willing to wait for us to arrive before going home. The office closes at 4:30 if not sooner. Carter did indeed have an abrasion on his left eye. It is on both sides of his pupil in the white area. He was given an antibiotic ointment on the eye with a patch. We are to see Dr. McKinney tomorrow in the afternoon for a follow up. Pray as Carter is to not open his injured eye till he sees the doctor. That is difficult. There are many praises though.

1. Dr. McKinney willing to wait for us instead of going to the ER. $30 copay vs. $150
2. The injury was prior to 4:30.
3. A sweet gal from Bible study was already preparing dinner for us. She left a delightful pasta dish on our front porch. I will need to get that recipe! God knew what kind of evening our family was going to have. So glad she mentioned that she wanted to bring us a meal.
4. Carter had a praise that his math homework tonight was not timed.
5. Bedtime is soon. All eyes to get some rest.
6. Tomorrow is only half day at school which will give more rest to his hard working right eye.

Please also pray for Carter as he was apologizing for injuring his eye due to the fact that we have many medical bills. He asked if the doctors visit was worth $30. We affirmed him that he is worth every penny and that God has been faithful to meet our every need. Goodness I didn't even know he had been concerned about the family finances. We don't talk about it around the boys.

From uneventful to eventful day. Thankful that this day was ordained by God.


Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you that Dr. McKinney is the best. We go to that practice and see Dr. Graham. But my daughter was in the hosp with pneumonia and Dr. McKinney was seeing her at the time. He was absolutely hands down THE BEST!! Glad you have a great pediatrician, as well as our ULTIMATE PEDIATRICIAN - GOD!!! He always provides to the nth detail, doesn't He??? Praying for you for great results for Thursday - Have a great day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that you were in my thoughts and prayers today, and I'm glad the MRI was such a peaceful experience.

I will keep an eye on Carter during recess tomorrow! (Eye patches are great for playing pirate!)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I am praying for you today. We missed you at biblestudy but understand. "Heaven" can wait. :)
Elizabeth Ward