Friday, November 23, 2007

Over and Done With

The spectroscopy (MRS) is over and done with for today. My only complaints were that I couldn't listen to my music, it was an hour long and cold. My nose and body are just warming up from the test. I am although, thankful to have this test out of the way. Having the MRS performed at the hospital brought back memories of brain surgery and the multiple tests I have taken prior to and after. I think I counted that I have had 9 regular MRI's, 1 stealth MRI, 2 CT's and now 1 spectroscopy. I am wondering with the ongoing tests I have had and will continue to have if any research has been done concerning a patients hearing loss. That is one question I am going to ask Dr. Forget on Monday. I am sure someone has had this conern before. With all the jack hammer sounds, knocking and just loud sounds it makes me wonder. I am glad they take precautions with ear plugs especially today. It was a different type of test yet similar to a MRI. Some of the sounds I hadn't heard before. And boy did the table shake during some of the racketing sounds!

Thanks for praying. I need to go and warm my feet up with a foot soak. I'll keep you posted.

Looking forward to a relaxing long weekend with the Snodgrass men.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying some turkey gumbo and very thankful that is over for you! Happy weekend to ya'll. Love Emily

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Kate, I'm catching up on a week or so of your journal...I read your journal after you gave your testimony at CBS and didn't write....meant to...didn't ...don't remember why. :) Thank you for sharing with everyone. Women cried and also praised God that your heart is coming closer to Him.

I'm praying for you and glad the resonance imaging is over and you have your weekend with your men!

Love, Sue Stark :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have finally gotten WARM! Being cold is so miserable. The other night I was so cold, I slept in jammies and a sweatshirt with an extra comforter thrown on top of the bed! (Poor Larry got cooked!)

Praying that this weekend finds you and the Snodgrass men enjoying some wonderful time together, and you indulging in some uncommon pleasures like a daily nap!

Love you,