Thursday, November 29, 2007

Options Given

Ohhhh - the wonderful smell of our boys hair after taking a bath. Johnsons really has a great product. Hope to not switch to grown-up shampoo anytime soon. I so enjoyed reading Stuart his favorite three books for bed tonight. His hair was right under my chin. Umm mmm. Kissing Cole tonight I took an extra whiff of his hair. Just love it!

Ok I am here to update you on the day - more specifically the doctors appointment. Sorry I got distracted thinking about the past hour of bedtime routines.

We were given two options this afternoon about how to treat the cancer and feel fairly good about them. All things considered. The appointment really went great. Dr. Forget was running a little late so it allowed some time for us to chat with Dr. Needles take a break then Dr. Forget came in. We had a good friend who is a doctor join us for an extra set of ears and wisdom. Thank you Nancy. Many good questions were asked and resolved for now. It was decided that the wallpaper chemo wafers (gliadel) will not be used if we do surgery. Both doctors agreed that it is not supported well in research. We will most likely not seek out a second opinion on the reading of the spectroscopy. A lot of reasoning behind this one.

Yesterday, an appointment was made next Tuesday at 1 pm to have a second opinion on treatment with my previous oncologist at Siteman, Dr. Linette. We really respect his outlook on things and would like to hear from him as well.

Thank you for praying. We need wisdom in which course of action to take. I truly am at peace about the whole situation tonight. I sure didn't expect to feel this way. I am so thankful for the great discussion with each doctor. God surely is in the midst of all of this. It cannot be denied.

Psalm 100
A psalm. For giving thanks.
Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth.
Worship the LORD with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs.
Know that the LORD is God.
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the LORD is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.
Added at 10:23 pm - Dave & I felt it best for now to not give the treatment options as we are seeking wisdom. Lots to discern. Also we want to discuss things with Dr. Linette. Just know that surgery is one very viable option. Thanks again for praying.


Shel said...

Hi, I've been following your story for awhile now and I want you to know I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

So glad to hear that your meeting today went well and that you have peace. I presume that Dave is feeling the same way. I will continue to pray for your appt. next Tuesday and for Dr. Linette as he considers the best course of action.

I didn't quite understand the options that were given, though. Was it that you may or may not have surgery, and if you do have surgery it will not include the chemo wafers? If so, then am I correct in thinking that perhaps surgery will not be taking place at all? Sorry to be so dim.

Rejoicing with you over the good news and the great smell of a freshly-washed kid!


Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful you feel at peace tonight! No doubt you need a reprieve from even THINKING!

There's nothing like the smell of a freshly bathed child. Countless times I've snuggled in, breathed deep, and soaked it up! So glad you got to relish those moments tonight with your boys.

I'll be praying for wisdom and clarity in the next few days. Also for an emotionally 'lite' weekend where you can just enjoy your time with your family.
Love ya, Tiffani G

Finally a Family of Four said...

Hey Kate
You sound very at ease about your meeting today with Dr. Needles and Dr. Linette, glad to hear that things went well. I am also glad to see that you are meeting with your Dr. from Barnes, a second opinion is always good.
Have you ever tried a shampoo called "Baby don't cry" by Paul Mitchell haircare for kids?? Talk about some sweet smelling stuff.
Have a graet weekend

Ramona Lisa said...

I breathed a deep sigh of relief after hearing your upbeat attitude on the phone this evening. We missed you at the tea party. See you bright and early! XO

Amy said...

I found your blog yesterday and have spent the better part of the morning reading your story. Many tears have been shed. Many prayers have been lifted on your behalf.

I want you to know that your faith and trust in the Lord is inspiring. The trial that He has allowed you to walk through is not in vain. I, for one, will never be the same.

I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

praying with love,
shannon for the hathaways

Kim said...

Dear Kate and family,

I just logged onto your blog today, after being away for several weeks. God has been laying you on my heart frequently and I have been in prayer for you, without really knowing what all has been happening. Now I understand why God wanted me to pray.

2 Thessalonians 3:16 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way.

We love you.

The Endraskes

Heather said...

Just wanted to say hi and tell you that it stinks we will miss each other. I am going to be at Siteman on Monday to discuss Aven's upcoming gamma knife. Take care.

Episcopollyanna said...

Hi Kate,
I found your blog through Heather's blog. I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you and that I've added you to my blogroll.

I'm a 2x cancer survivor.

God bless you. +

Anonymous said...

First time reading...through Heather's blog. You are in my prayers. You sound like I did earlier this year. When you have faith in God, faith in the doctors giving you options to choose from, and friends and family to support you as you make YOUR decision, you are blessed. It will be ok...Thy Will be done.

Good luck and I will pray for you and your family as you make YOUR decisions.

Anonymous said...

Kate: I relish those kid moments too... as I type I'm chorused with the (loud)...(OK...deafening) sounds of "tickle time" going on in our bedroom between Mike and the kids. Isaac gets tickled, Elijah tries not to catapult himself off of the bed and the attending parent delivers the "perpetual tickling" and watches for the possibility of accidental dives off of the bed's edge to the dangers of the floor below. So far this AM: no injuries. Kids have colds now, so when I took a whiff of their hair, it was more like a big nosefull of Vick's Vapo Rub (from the Soothing Vapors bath product [also Johnson's...couldn't recommend it more when they have stuffy noses]), so I'll have to live vicariously through your nasal report of "regular" yummy Johnson's this AM, Kate. Thinking of you...........Love the Jobacks

Sandy said...

Hi Kate,

I found your blog from Heather's Blog. Well they may be operating on your brain, but it's a good thing it's not your heart. I wouldn't want them to change your heart! You have a heart of gold, a heart after God's own heart, a heart for your sweet boys and dear hubby, a heart to be a Godly women and wife and mommy. I love your heart!! Yes this season is so very painful and difficult for you, but God is using your heart for Him!!!!!

Praying for you and your family! May God give you wisdom on this journey ahead.