Monday, November 12, 2007

Super Stuart Party

This morning Stuart had a Lightning McQueen playdate birthday party with a few friends. He was excited to have them over. Being the third child he never goes to a playdate (not an exaggeration). Carter and Cole did playdates quite often. Good ole Stuart gets to run errands, go to the multiple ball games and school functions. He doesn't know any different. He loves to go grocery shopping. Really he does. He often asks me if we are going to go "gosherry" shopping. Dierbergs has a cool kid cart that is a rocket ship. We hunt for it in the parking lot so he can sit in it. Trader Joe's has a kid cart that they use to shop with. That is an adventure in and of itself. We look for the monkey so we can go to the treasure chest for a peanut butter filled pretzel or another good surprise.

Stuart's official birthday is next Tuesday the 20th. Did you enjoy the Super Stuart picture? Many thanks to Caleb's mom for making the cape. Stuart will be having many "super"moments in it. He is known to climb on top of the toy chest and jump off to make it look like he is flying. The cape is reversible to make him to be batman as well. So cute! I along with the other moms told Kristie that she could easily make the capes for people. They would sell like hotcakes. With a personalization of the first initial of the boys name. Dynamo!

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Xander loves, I do mean LOVES the card you sent him.

We love you
the RR's