Wednesday, November 07, 2007

One year from surgery

It has been one year to date when brain surgery was performed. Thoughts have flooded my mind in the past few days of all that has gone on in the past year. From memories prior to surgery, surgery and ICU and beyond. Many people showed what it meant to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We had meals prepared for us every other day for at least five months, some housecleaning, financial along with moral support was of great help not to mention prayer. Most every card that was sent to our home I have kept. It was sweet to go through some of the cards this past week. Many dear stories and encouragement were given along with scripture. I kept most every card and so glad I did. I cherish the ones that kids made. I was and continue to be amazed at how many people rallied around our family - from friends old and new to family, fellow believers, neighbors and even strangers! God has so richly blessed us.

As for my testimony with both studies it went well. Yesterday I cried more than I had anticipated but it went somewhat smoothly. Today it was significantly better. I guess a bigger audience might of made the difference. While driving home yesterday I was in deep contemplation on how it went. It was the strangest thought process. I knew that the testimony had nothing to do with me but it really hit me on the way home that it was all about God working in me. Thank you for praying. I was obedient and I guess that is all that matters. He has been so merciful to stretch out his hand towards me prior to and during brain cancer.
I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness;
I will take hold of your hand . . .
Isaiah 42:6a
Please continue to pray for no change in regards to my upcoming MRI on Tuesday. I will know the results on Thursday the 15th.
Thank you again and again for being the hands and feet of Jesus. It does not go unnoticed (even by God).
Off to making chicken cacciatore for the men in my life.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I wrote your MRI in on my planner so I will remember to pray that morning as well. I distinctly remember this day one year ago...checking the blog anxiously for updates on if you were out of surgery yet, etc. I remember that Rachel had gymnastics that evening and I "borrowed" the computer of the secretary at the gymnastics center so I could get an update while I waited out the class. This must be a very emotional day for you, even without giving your testimony! Praise God for the wonderful healing and the skillful doctors you have encountered in this past year.