Thursday, February 22, 2007

Elephants and Self Control

This morning was a fun morning for Stuart and myself. I thought since St. Louis is having such great temps outside wouldn't it be great to take him to the zoo. I asked him right when he awoke if he would like to go. His comment was "I see elephants?" He loves elephants. Every time we read a book that has a picture of an elephant he always points it out. I cannot turn the page until I acknowledge the elephant. Driving to the zoo Stuart continually said "I see elephant. I see big elephant." I told him yes. Later thinking I hope the elephants are even out. Thankfully they were more than out. They were guarding the newborn elephant carefully. A bobcat (machine not animal) was working in their living quarters. The dad (I am assuming) was pacing, making loud noises, stomping his foot and throwing dirt plus hay on his back. When the baby elephant would move around all the four adult elephants would move with him. They were quite protective. It was great to see them. Stuart was making the elephant noises along with them. He loved it!

Since my last blog about the attributes of God and also the examples of burning the fake out of me I was thinking that I still have a long way to go for Him to get the fake out of me. So my conclusion is that I am going to live a long, long time. God is not finished with me yet. I say that partially jokingly yet hopeful. I am a slow learner.

I have made a resolution of sorts. Never been too good at them in the past. I decided if I can cut out as much sugar as I have I can grow fingernails. You may laugh but I truly think it is all about self control. Lacking in that category. My right hand is looking quite well. I only wish the resolution was made sooner. Tonight I have been invited to a spa pampering party. My nails are not able to have much pampering. I even bought my first nail file last week. (Throw that confetti.) It now resides in my purse like most normal women. I am actually exhibiting some self control.

Odd title of elephants and self control sorry it was all I could think of.


Laura and Progeny said...

Way to go, girl! Pamper thyself! Isaac is sitting on my lap and we're blogging together to you. I read him the story about the elephants and Stuart. He asked me if Stuart was the baby...(Yes, dear). He asked me if Stuart still pooped in his pants (we're still working on that in this household)...(well, sometimes, dear...Stuart goes on the big potty sometimes too!) The mental stimulation of my day revolves around training pants and plastic pants (otherwise known as "space pants" [we had to make them sound really cool]). Thinking of you!
qweeee (Pause, coughing fit) 89999999999999999999 (translation: "I tell her 'hi'")

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I realize that the days of arranged marriages are long past, but should Stuart's fascination with elephants continue into adulthood, I know a similarly-transfixed 2 y/o little girl whose parents would probably be relieved to match them up!! :)

A-rooo! (That's how Megan talks elephant),


Anonymous said...

Stuart...I'm glad you had such a great time seeing the elephants at the zoo last week. There is a new baby elephant just born last night. All Brady (He's 2 just like you) keeps saying is "Another baby elephant!" I hope you can get out there and see this baby as soon as she is ready to take visitors.

Stefanie @ Siteman

Marilyn McDonald said...

Okay, this is really random, but when I was at Home Goods today (at Big Bend and Kirkwood Rd), they had the cutest little elephant cups. They were a standard coffee cup size, grey, and the outside looked like an elephant. Inside was a tiny elephant standing up, so that when you get down to the bottom inch or so of liquid, the elephant will poke his head out of your drink! Only $2.99! They were in the front section of the store where all the china and glassware is. What a fun treat for little elephant lovers everywhere!