Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lacrimal duct to be restored

After seeing Dr. Simpson, radiation oncologist he confirmed that my tear duct (lacrimal) will restore itself. The resident doctor was unsure since the rays were so close to one another on the chart. If the rays are over 30 then my duct would be permanetly ruined. Dr. Simpson came in and said since my right eyebrows are still in tact the duct is just fine. He jokingly said radiation could barely sneeze on the duct and it would shrivel. It is that sensitive! I was so glad to hear that my duct will eventually be OK.

Continue to pray for my right eye. At times they are bothersome almost sore or painful. I really would like to not be blind in about three years on just that side or have cataracts.

Today was a good day even after locking my keys in the van at a local store. Hey, I can laugh at the days to come and that is good. It is just locked keys. The police officer wasn't able to push the seal back on the door correctly. Hopefully super Dave can get it back to the right place. Sorry Dave my mind was thinking about doing the returns not my keys.

Stuart awoke crying due to not feeling well. He has a raspy throat and a minor cough. Pray this is a quick "under the weather" thing. Praise - No fever and eating fine!

My skin is red like a sunburn- not bad though! My brain does have a burning sensation inside. Burn baby burn. (talkin to the possible leftover cancer)

2 treatments left.


The Jobacks said...

I was so excited for you when the # of radiation treatments were less than 2 digits...then I was overjoyed to realize that you could count them on ONE you're using only two FINGERS to count them! Yeah! It must feel wonderful to know that part's almost over. Thinking of you! I think you should use your radiation mask over a flower pot, and plant seeds in the dirt below. Then when the grass comes out through the mesh in the mask, it can be like a CHIA PET! I kept trying to think of something creative for you to do w/ it...that's the best I surmised. I'll keep 'a thinkin' on it, though! Love from the Jobacks
PS: When Isaac prays for you, he always starts out, "Father God..." but ONLY when he prays for you. It's kind of funny. Other prayers, he starts out "Dear Jesus..."

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I love the Chia pet comment, that is hysterical! Maybe you could have formal burning of the radiation mask, or run your car over it, if you are looking for something more destructive and less artistic.

My kids are bringing down the house in the next room, so I can't linger, but want you to know we continue to pray for you during your LAST TWO TREATMENTS! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
Yippee about your last 2 treatments, and YIPPEE that your tear duct will repair itself, in time!!! I can't imagine how annoying and distracting it would be to deal with that. I'm so glad you have hopeful news to celebrate.

Did you get to see Joe today?
Kate, I love that you can laugh at yourself and locking your keys in the van! You crack me up!

Still praying for you, my friend!
Love ya, Tiffani Gibbs