Friday, February 02, 2007

Fun Pictures for all to see

Christmas morning fun with the red wagon!

If you have already read the previous post be sure to scroll down and look again. I added more pics. I am getting more savy with my computer skills and this blog. I have attached some others here for you to enjoy! I just now had time to down load the my Christmas images along with Thanksgiving. Go figure I guess I have had other things taking up my time.

Cowboy Cole riding a horse on Thanksgiving Day.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kate what wonderful pictures! I know we haven't even seen Stuart, but Carter and Cole oh my, what wonderful boys they are! They have grown up so much since your last visit to IN! I think you were pregnant with Stuart the last time we saw you. Thank you for sharing you beautiful pictures. I hope they liked their snailmail package. You look great as usual! You and Dave (aka to us as Chuck) and the boys and Gram and the rest of your family and friends are in our hearts and prayers every day. God is truly wonderful and you are not alone in this battle. You are loved by many and have been an inspiration to us all and I admire you for what you are going through for yourself as well as your boys and Dave. Take care and know that we all love you in Indiana!

Anonymous said...

Kate. I LOVE your haircut. And, the stylish headband. It's ADORABLE. Of course, I've always been a fan of short hair.
-Susan Schilling

Meredith said...


You look GREAT...I love the pictures. We will continue to pray for your whole family.

Great is His faithfulness!


Anonymous said...


Joe is in our thoughts and prayers also. Forgot to post that before- must be the fever from my cold. SORRY. You were sent to him in his time of need- God works in amazing and mysterious ways. Take care and let Joe know that he has a lot of loving people in Indaina ruting and praying for him.

Just an observation- Joe's Right side in very noticably drooping has he had a stroke or bells palsy or is that where his cancer is or radiation side effects- just wondering, the medical person is coming out!-sorry. You can tell by his eyes he has been through a lot in his lifetime. Prayers and loving thoughts coming his way!!Danielle