Friday, February 16, 2007

Under the pine

The snow has not fully melted which is great! The older boys did not have school today. After a fun morning at Chuck E Cheese (not one of my favorite places) we came home to put Stuart to bed. Gram came to stay at the house so I could take the boys sledding. It was so much fun! I haven't gone on the Missouri mini mini slopes since last year.

We went down some hills that Dave had taken them to previously. I then in my adventure to find a greater hill took the boys on a walk. We did find a better one that had a dip then went further down. There were some pines scattered among the dip. Cole went first then Carter snowboarded - Big Mama brought in the rear on the round orange sled. I went down quite fast turning backwards. Low and behold I ran into the pine. I was under the pine really. The boys didn't know if they could laugh. I was in shock so I didn't say anything for a long few seconds. Cole was concerned. He said "Mom . . . (long pause) are you ok?" I started to laugh. I couldn't believe I was stuck under the tree. They had to help me out due to my legs being up near my chest and the slick snow was hard to fanangle out of being the underside of the tree. Comical. It was good to laugh with them. Good memories!

Wanting lots more snow - kate


The Jobacks said...

Had a good laugh on your behalf picturing you folded up underneath the tree. (Hope you don't mind my chuckling!) Glad you didn't break anything! Guess now that tree knows who's boss! Or perhaps it thinks it got the better of you. What a riot! Jobacks out.

Anonymous said...


When I taught preschool, I had a "snow dance" that I would do in my classes when I got really restless for snow. If we did actually get lucky enough to have a snow afterward, my students were always convinced my dance had brought it! I'll see what I can shake up for you. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate, boys, and Dave come on over to Indiana and you'll have lots of snow to sled and snowboard on!! We are finally getting winter here- more than we like all at once, but still wonderful and fun to play in. The schools have been closed and delayed for the past 2 wks. We have drifts that are as tall as Sebastian (2 1/2yrs old)! It sounds like you are making great memories with your boys so they can tell their kids. I was just picturing the whole scene in my mind and I can see the shock and then then the laughter. I hope you weren't hurt. Glad to here you are doing well and I can only imagine how great this week was without any RT! Take care and you are all in our prayers.
Danielle and kids

aunt dee dee said...

i wish i could be out sledding with you guys, running into trees, defying the sonny bono fate. but i'm here at work where we just threw the chinese new years party of the century. it's the year of the boar, by the way. the library had a good turn out, despite the weather. i hope carter and cole enjoyed their saturday morning basketball, as much as their mom did from the sideline. kate was never much of a spectator; she's a participator through and through. i remember when kate used to come to my games and yell from the sidelines, mostly at the refs and then at us kids if we weren't hustling enough. when my teammates would ask who that animated person is, i answered with a shrug, "my sister." there was nothing i could do; that's just the way kate is: involved.