Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A good busyness

I just wanted to update you on some good stuff. I have been oh so busy planning field day for Covenant Christian School. It is my 4th year of being allowed to chair of the event. I guess they are satisfied with the planning. I do love planning it. Similar to planning parties. Field day is one big party. I don't love asking for volunteers. At times I fret on how and if enough people sign up to help. You would think that I would not fret after going through this cancer ordeal. God always provides. Field day has always had enough volunteers and really has been great. In the end it is always a delight to see it all come together. This year I am trying to get a inflatable obstacle course. It depends on some factors though. I am wanting the dad volunteers to be in competition at the end of field day. Won't that be a sight to see? I might even race one. Never mind it is decided I will race one - not Big G though. He is in too good of shape due to football training in the past. Friday, May 11 is going to be a blast for the students and myself. I am very very very thankful that I have a co chair this year. Laurie has been a HUGE answer to prayer. Huge! November is when the planning usually starts for me. Well, I guess that didn't happen. I felt I would not be able to adequately plan it in such short notice. God did provide in just the right time.

It has been good to be somewhat normal the past few weeks. Dave and I talked about how I cannot live in fear from one MRI to the next. I am truly at peace about Friday. Yes, I am thinking about the next MRI in June. I am curious. Just being honest.

Dave and I have been approached by many people who know someone going through brain cancer. Last Tuesday I was able to visit a woman in the hospital who has 10 brain tumors (not a typo), liver cancer and uterine. The doctors think it started in the uterus. Her and her husband just found out about 4 weeks ago due to her headaches. Aghhh! They have a daughter that is almost 3 they just adopted about 1 year ago. The brain tumors are inoperable stage 4. I do pray that I was of some encouragement to the husband. My words seem futile. Dave and I usually do not seek someone that we have heard about with cancer. We ask that they contact us and we are happy to talk about what we have been through and go from there. We know that we were not ready to seek out people at the beginning of our journey. It was almost too much to take in. Baby steps in the learning process.

I also have had multiple phone conversations with another St. Louis mom in her 30's who has a similar tumor like myself. She had a seizure at home then was air lifted to a hospital. Surgery was completed in November. She just completed radiation and is going to probably start chemo. She has Dr. Linette for her oncologist as well.

Friday, March 2 - 9 am MRI
Wednesday, March 7 - 8 am bloodwork
8:30 Dr. Linette to discuss results (MRI & bloodwork)
10 am Dr. Simpson

Oops! Do pray for Dave. The cold he had and then didn't have came back in full force. He feels miserable. I think 2 + weeks of a yucky cold is enough don't you? He is coughing which is good due to breaking up the stuff I guess.

Thank you for loving us through prayer!

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