Thursday, February 01, 2007

6 treatments to go!

Kate and her new friend Joe!
Joe allowed me to take a picture and put it on my blog. I told him I wanted to be sensitive to the patient privacy act. So for the record, I did get his permission to post this for you to see. No worries. He is pleased today for he got all but one stitch taken out of his eye yesterday. The one stitch left will eventually dissolve on its own. I also brought him some yummy mini bran muffins from home to enjoy. I told him our whole family loves them. He was looking forward to going to his home in Poplar Bluff for the weekend tomorrow.
OK, I was pleased but a little shocked to get a personal phone call from my primary care physican, Dr. Sanders tonight. I had called this afternoon and left a message in regards to my blood work that was taken yesterday. I was asking him for a good hematologist. His nurse had already called and left a message. My concern was in the PT (blood clotting) test performed. I personally asked for that test. As you might remember I am prone to blood clotting. Anyway the test showed some thinning of sorts. One comment on the sheet from the Barnes nurse was "Is the patient on coumadin?". Realizing that flax oil is a natural blood thinner and that I am taking folic acid daily I wanted to get some input. Dr. Sanders asked for the numbers and said for me to take it up with Dr. Linette. He said I think you have enough doctors to worry about and that an oncologist knows enough about the PT factor. Good enough! I joked with Dr. Sanders that he really missed me that is why he called personally. He just hasn't gotten enough attention on the blog lately. Ha ha ha! Really I am thrilled he is my doctor.

As for the redness on my head it hasn't gotten any worse. I have been using the aquaphor and also some emu oil. Never heard of the oil prior to now. Thanks to Carol Snodgrass. I think it is helping.

My dry eye is well . . . dry. When I wake in the morning I need to put in my artificial tears. Continue to pray for my vision and lens. If I were to go blind in the right eye it would happen in about 3 years.

Stuart had a great day! I had my mom drop off Stuart at the DesPeres Lodge pool for water wagglers. We played and "swam" from 10:30 - 11:45. It was a great spur of the moment thing. Only $4! I am trying to get him ready for our upcoming trip to sunny Floriday in April. He was so tired that he fell asleep on the way home from the pool. Liliana, do you want to join us next Thursday? Tell your mom to email me.
Here is Stuart saying "CHEESE"
Carter was bummed that the snow melted while he was in school all day. He is praying that the next snow is big and comes on a Friday night. He wants to snowboard. As for Cole, he is my big first grade reader. Tonight while cuddling on my favorite chair he read to me. I love spending that time with him.

Tonight Jill, a grade school friend brought us a meal. It was good to catch up and I was so surprised a few weeks ago when I saw that she was going to deliver a meal. I never thought this blog would connect the dots to her. Actually it is amazing who has heard through this blog about the cancer. It was good to catch up after many years. A lot of time was spent together. We went to Bible camp and many times she came to my home for Thanksgiving. She only had a brother while I come from a family of 4 other siblings. Lots of commotion and activity were had at the farmhouse. I think sometimes she lived at my home more than hers. Lots of fond memories!

Dave and I hope to go away for one night after radiation is completed to pray and discuss our two options. I am looking forward to a hotel with a pool. All in all it has been a great day. I can say that no matter what is to come I have learned that this cancer trial has taught me to live day to day. It really is too big for me to do anything else. I jokingly tell some that it took brain cancer for me to learn to depend on the Lord daily for my every need. Boy I am a work.

Only 6 treatments to go! Kate


Anonymous said...


I have e-mailed a few times and I follow your blog all the time. What a continued inspiration you are to so many. I love your sense of humor. Laughter is good for the soul. (not to minimize what you're going through)

I was so glad that you put a picture of Joe on your blog, as well as yourself. I do not know you personally but have followed your hair issues. I just wanted to let you know that your headband that you had in your hair was adorable!! No one would ever know that you lost some hair. It is really fashionable!! And it totally makes you look young too (although you really are young)!!

Thanks again for sharing your story. I know it inspires everyone that reads it. We'll keep praying for you.

Stacey Preusser

Ramona Lisa said...


You look so cute in your swimsuit. I would love to go to the pool with you Thursday. It's a date! I'll have my people call your people.

XO, Liliana

Anonymous said...

Thinking of ya'll even from the beach... Susan and I just rewatched week 3 of Daniel Beth Moore. Wow does He, our King have you and your family in the palm of His hand. Walking with you through this fiery trial!! I love you very much.

Love Emily

Laura Joback said...

What fun! I love the pics of the fam and of Joe! Your headband is so retro and trendy at the same time. What a fashion statement you are! I'm so impressed at how computer savvy you've become, considering I don't even know how to use e-mail (whole room gasps and uses up all of the oxygen in the vicinity). Love your sweet self! The Jobacks
(Isaac says: Hi Kate. Care. [translation: take care])