Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No firm decision needs to be made

Well, the verdict is that the MRI is scheduled for Friday, March 2 in the morning. We are then to see Dr. Linette on Wednesday, March 7 to discuss the results. We do not need to make a decision about starting Temodar till at that time. He stated that it is highly unlikely that any growth would have occured by this next MRI. If it does we will know the severity of this tumor.

Our questions about Temodar were answered. We asked specifically if it would be just as effective to do the "wait and see if anything comes back" approach versus taking the Temodar right after the MRI. He agreed with us that the clinical studies that were done on my type of tumor were solely for the recurrent cancer patients. So in theory yes, the Temodar would work when & if the cancer returns.

Patients with my type of cancer that take the Temodar usually on average have the cancer return in about 3 to 4 years. Dr. Linette said that it was very positive that I had a great surgery to remove what Dr. Forget could see. Completing radiation is also to my benefit.

With or without chemo MRI's will be every 3 months or sooner if I exhibit any clinical neurologically signs. I will also have blood work every 3 months when I check in with Dr. Linette. If we do take the Temodar I will need blood work every month to monitor my bone marrow and many other things.

All in all Dave and I are pleased to not make a firm decision till after the MRI is complete. We are obviously praying that no signs of growth of any kind will show up on Friday, March 2.

7 more radiation treatments to go!


Yes, once again...the Jobacks said...

Glad to hear your meeting gave you the info you needed...sounded like you had good dialogue w/ him. Am I psycho for writing approximately 3 hours and 35 minutes after the last time I wrote? Probably. Is it because I love you? Definately. Toodles!

Anonymous said...

The diet can have GREAT effects as well. So glad you had such a great responce from your doc.

Anonymous said...

You may have mentioned this previously but when you start taking the Temodar, how long do you take it if you have no problems? Keeping you in my prayers always.

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,

I wanted to share something struck me in Titus the other day. Paul writes over and over to Titus about doing "good":
- love what is good (1:8)
- set an example by doing what is good (2:7)
- be eager to do what is good (2:14)
- be ready to do whatever is good (3:1)
- be careful to devote ourselves to doing what is good (3:8)
- learn to devote ourselves to doing what is good (3:14)

Obviously, the Lord wants us to do "the right thing" - in your case, respond rightly towards all the different facets that cancer is throwing at your family right now. However, I find that sometimes the hardest part is determining what is good, what is better and then what is best. I'm praying that God gives you his wisdom to determine the best in regards to your treatments.

Yeah to only 7 more! :)

Laura B

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
So glad your meeting went well today!
Still praying...!
Tiffani Gibbs

Gram said...

The time is drawing near for Gram to think about packing her little bag and returning to Franklin County. I guess you could call me the bag lady among other things. With only 6 more treatments to go, my days in Suburbia are numbered.
From the early days of November till now I can say I have watched my daughter grow and expand in more than one way. In the first few weeks the question was always, who will love my boys? I believe she has learned and will learn over and over that we live one day at a time. I saw her begin to gradually bend into the will of God. To tackle one hill at a time. Carter has a book about D-Day in WW11. The pictures of the men who landed on those beaches reminds me that those who made it just kept pushing into enemy territory. I am sure they were terrified. The apostle Paul talks about pressing on toward the mark of the high calling. I love that old hymn, (trust and obey for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.)
Kate and I agree that early November seems like a long time ago. I will go back to my home and wonder where the next road will take us. Surely it will continue to take us where we will grow.
Gram- One week and counting!