Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2,000 hits a week

Every week there have been about 2,000 hits on the blog. Wow! If even half of them are praying bloggers that is great to say the least.

As I have contemplated all that has been and is happening since late October I am in awe. Almost cloudy at times. Words don't even come to me to be able to explain it to you.

Monday I was able to have some time with Joe while he and I were waiting for our treatments. We were discussing the job of parenthood. I was laughing at all the dad training responsibilities he spoke of. One in particular was when he sent one of his disobedient sons to his room. Later that evening Joe noticed that the son was climbing out of his window and down a tree to escape. Joe said nothing to his son. He went out later to saw down the tree. He fixed that! Later he said that the one son wasn't the only one using the tree as a way to leave the home. I told him "I guess you killed two birds with one stone." There was another story of his daughter and her car being taken away. He took the keys along with the wires to the car. Her boyfriend knew how to hot wire a car. Long story but quite amusing. Joe's eye surgery was this afternoon. He should be back at the Hope Lodge by 5 pm. I will not see him tomorrow at treatment because my treatment is at 8:45 am. Ouch! I will have to get up early to brave the lovely traffic.

Hey here is an added praise to the previous blog. . . Stuart is now officially going potty in the big boy potty! Yes, that is very exciting. Loud clapping on the toilet is quite fun for him.

Again do pray for the upcoming doctors appointment next Wednesday the 31st with Dr. Linette. We will be discussing my options for treatment after the radiation.



Ramona Lisa said...

You must be in the Blogger Hall of Fame! It's wonderful that you have so many people with you on your journey. I'm sure every single person who reads your blog has been blessed, inspired or moved by your story. I know I have!

Send some of those readers my way. I could use some more comments!

Have a great week. Love, Ramona

P.S. Thank you for your sweet call today. I needed a friendly hello.

aunt dee dee said...

when stuart flushes the toilet, he waves to the disposed matter and says "bye, poopie," as if it was one of his brothers leaving for school or his mother leaving for treatment or grams going home for the weekend. he then goes on with his day, as superman would-- running around the house and saving the world.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how you are so loved my dear sweet friend. I love you so much and am so thankful to have you for this day. AMEN for those 2000 people who are hearing about the ALMIGHTY LORD.

Jennifer said...

I learned about your blog from someone that works at BJC but is also my best friend's sister. She told me about it one because I pray ALOT, (maybe due to the fact of just having my 5th baby.) Whew!!! But also, because two of my sisters were just diagnosed with cancer in Aug. 2006. Both in the same month but two different kinds. My oldest has lung and brain cancer, had 3 tumors but has had awesome news that after undergoing brain surgery to remove the biggest tumor because radiation didn't work on it, the other two are miraculously gone. Praise the Lord!!!! But she is still fighting the lung cancer and is supposed to start chemo anyday. The other sister has Non-Hodgkins Stage 4 and it is in her bones. She has had chemo for 3 months and the doctors are very pleased with the last Petscan. Praise God. They don't really tell us what they are going thru and even though your doing so may be hard for you, let me reassure you it is very inspirational. So I just wanted to say thank you and you and your family are in my prayers and will continue to be. I check your blog as often as I can hoping to find new info and cute stories. May God bless you and give you a complete healing.
Have an awesome week in Jesus' name, Jennifer