Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not Finished with Me at Siteman

God is not finished with me yet at Siteman radiology.

Today was a very unusual day to say the least. After many phone calls and emails with doctors and a scientist from California, my treatment saga has taken a turn.

It has been discussed that when a patient has radiation in a certain location that location cannot handle anymore ever again. The body is very sensitive to radiation. Dr. Linette previously said that if I am were to stop treatment he strongly encouraged me to finish out the 30 radiation treatments. He said I could "twist his arm" about stopping the chemo. I can always do chemo in the years to come but, I can't always have radiation as an option.

So after much consideration, I am going to continue the RT without the chemo till Friday, February 9. Dr. Simpson has agreed to this also. (if you can remember he was strongly opposed to having RT without the chemo in the beginning) I had RT today at 2:45pm.

Looking back over today I was able to "lay out my fleece" so to speak with the doctors. My desire was not to continue the chemo. It was granted. That was answer enough for me.

I can't explain this change although I have stated previously that I am open to God's intervention daily. I don't presume to be a doctor. I don't want to be a fool. I will commit to RT for the full time. My hair loss will be from the right ear forward. What fun that will be to be bald in just one section! The hair might not grow back for a few months. My hair adventure awaits! The other immediate side effect will be significant fatigue. It will last at least 4 weeks post RT as well.

I am thankful for a concerned doctor friend in Texas who sent a very genuine email. I am also thankful for other friends who have supported us with all the decisions & options.

Brain cancer is unique. The brain has a separate immune system from the rest of the body. Amazing! Not one treatment outcome is the best! I will continue to use nutrition along with the natural compounds we have been researching with the RT and beyond.

Sorry to take you on such a roller coaster. On a funny note - I guess this makes the blog more interesting. Possibly more addicting to some of you. Ha ha ha

Cancer is like an investment portfolio. You try to pick the best option not knowing the outcome. But, (that is the emphasized word) as christians we have the Lord guiding our investment portfolio. Thank you to G.C. for this analogy.

As for Joe he was truly touched. I went to the Hope Lodge at 2 pm today to deliver the coat. I read to him the post I wrote about him. He and I were both crying in the eating area. Many others were listening & crying as well. Before I opened up the box for him he said he knew what it was. I said to him "How are you so sure?" He just smiled. I am delighted to tell you that it fit perfectly and he was wearing it with much pride. He even motioned ladies that were walking around to look at his new coat! The buttons have anchors on them. So cute! I continued to talk to the people around the area. (no surprise to all of you) Joe piped in with all the ladies cackling "Did you know I am a retired master sergeant?" I was so happy to hear him recount of his joys. Please be sure to click on the December 29 post of Joe. A Lodge employee posted Joes reaction after I left.

Thanks for your continued prayers. This is a daily walk.
Just glad to not take chemo at this time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
Thanks for the update! Please don't apologize for the "rollercoaster ride," because we are privileged that you include us at all! I'm glad to know about your continued treatment at Siteman, and I'll continue praying that your side effects will be minimal.

I was in tears (again) reading about your time with Joe today. What a precious man, and how blessed you must feel to have been able to bless him with the coat!

I'll be praying you feel continued confirmation re: your decisions for treatment, and that you rest well tonight.
Love to you, the boys, Gram and Aunt DeeDee.
Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,

We know that you all have been wrestling out your options with the Lord, and we are confident that he will continue to lead you via his word, his Spirit, your family, friends and doctors...he uses many ways. We'll continue to pray that your direction is clear!


aunt dee dee said...

i think the rollercoaster is why so many people visit this blog.

Marilyn McDonald said...

I am relieved to read your entry--no elaboration necessary!

Here is a verse for today:
In my anguish I cried to the Lord, and he answered by
setting me free. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?
Psalm 118:5-6 (NIV)


The Jobacks said...

You're so cute to think you owe any of us an explanation for your decisions and to apologize for any up's and down's on this blogger's and Dave have prayed for peace & it was granted. We prayed, on this end, that if any decisions made were not wise from a medical standpoint, that it would be made obvious to you and seems that this is so w/ the conversation with your Dr. and the reversal of your decision about radiation. I'm pleased, for your tumor site's sake, that it will be blasted with radiation, possibly killing off any traces of the mass left after surgical removal. I'm hugely NOT pleased, for your hairline's sake, about the loss it is about to encounter. I'm sure you'll think of something to cover it up. A darling sash in stylish headband- fashion has worked thus far...what's next? A beret, perhaps? I'm sure you'll look great in whatever headwear you're sporting. If you want back my designer baseball caps, let me know! Rooting for you! (That was a pun about your hair...hmmm...not too funny)
The Jobacks

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, all-knowing God! So glad our life is in His hands.
Thanks for sharing about Joe and his coat. What encouragement and reminder of how much he is loved it will continue to be to him as he wears it. I am praying for a lot of cold weather!
LeeAnn Gienke