Friday, January 19, 2007

Will wipe away every tear

For the lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd.
He will lead them to springs of living water and
God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.
Revelation 7:17
I have more tears on my left eye due to the right lacrimal duct (tear duct) being radiated aka: fried. God will wipe away any tears even now prior to my resurrected (glorified) body. Just now the tears will be less on one side. I met with Dr. Simpson on Wednesday after radiation. He explained that I will have a dry eye due to the lacrimal duct being affected. In my terminology, "fried".
My sleep is better through the night. This past week I was waking up at 3 or 4 am for no reason.
This morning my hair loss is a little less. For those of you who like details, from my hairline back it is a good 3 inches of hair loss at one location. Thankfully a headband for now will provide ample coverage. As mentioned before I should continue to have hair loss even after the RT is completed.
Wednesday the 31st I meet with Dr. Linette to discuss treatment after the radiation. Please pray for clairity & wisdom for the doctor and Dave and I. I hope to know then when my next MRI will be scheduled.
Joe was and is having a hard time since Monday. He is not eating well. Nothing tastes good to him. He was also discouraged on Wednesday. He will need to have outpatient surgery on Tuesday the 23rd to correct his eye issues. He will not lose his vision. From what I understand he will have a gold plate put ablove his right eye and the doctor will help the "sag" on the bottom. The sagging was from his cancer removal surgery. A nerve was severed in surgery that cannot be corrected. I jokingly told Joe that he will be worth some money since he will have some gold in his body. He smiled.
Superman "shouper man" is in the house. After viewing the old cartoons this past holiday weekend, Stuart runs around with a play cape and arms up in the air saying shouper man. He cries profusely if we don't let him have his cape as a blanket for nap time. Cole found a solution thankfully. He gave Stuart his superman pajama top which is a little big. Stuart nows wears it during the day. He constantly says "I'm shouper man, I'm shouper man". So in conclusion if you see Stu with a pajama top on in public no worries we do dress our two year old with normal clothes. He is just fixated on Superman at this time.
Life with 3 boys is good. Very good!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
My internet access has been/is off and on, so I just read your last couple of posts.
I'll be praying for your stated concerns re: RT and plans after it's completed. I'm also praying for Joe.

I was at a seminar yesterday for social workers/counselors, etc., and the presenter mentioned Dr Berzinsky and his work. I'm pretty sure that's the one Dave has mentioned that you have researched. Anyway, it made me think of you...

Still a privilege to pray for you.
Love, Tiffani Gibbs