Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sawdust and skulldust?

Today was a doozie of a day emotionally. I woke up melancholy to start my day. I am just a little disturbed by the redness above my eyebrow. It is not very noticeable to others. My frustration was that the hair loss was enough to tackle emotionally but now I get to have a good sunburn as well. God will be with me with a radiated sunburn as well as the hair loss. This is temporary.

My Bible study group this morning prayed specifically for my trial. I am thankful for them. I actually was discouraging them to pray for just me during the prayer time. I was a little uncomfortable to take all the time thinking that others have important issues going on as well. I was sobbing during most of the prayer. A friend Laura C. was out in the hallway after the prayer time. Thanks to her for allowing me to cry on her shoulder.

Dr. Simpson, radiation oncologist was able to see me today instead of tomorrow since it will already be a packed morning for me. I had some concerns regarding the redness, a nobby bump above my eye and the benefit of 30 treatments over 25. Yes, I tested the waters to see if I could even possibly stop this Friday. Of course, no lengthy discussion was had on that last issue. As for the redness he wasn't concerned. The nobby bump turns out to be saw dust of sorts. Dr. Simpson explained that during surgery when the saw was cutting my skull bone dust can scatter. The bump under the skin is most likely a skull dust of sorts. I am sure there is a cool medical term for it he just didn't give one. He just said "You know what sawdust is?" My comment was "Of course, I grew up on a farm." Who did he think I was some ding dong of a patient? Dr. Simpson is loosening up some. I was a little set back by him in the beginning. I jokingly told some that he is like a Goliath to me. Looking back he is not that bad just a little stiff. There is a softy behind that white lab coat. It is doing him some good to have me as a patient. A little lively discussion about things other than cancer are good. If I do say so myself.

As you know tomorrow is the doctor appointment with Dr. Linette my oncologist at 10:30. Dave & I should have a good grasp on many facets of the chemo concerns we have. Pray as the Lord leads. 9:30 is radiation then bloodwork. Please pray that a date will be set for the next MRI.

I was hoping to spend some time with Joe tomorrow. I guess it will have to wait until Thursday. The lab at Barnes is a little on the slow side. Not real prompt. I will have to go directly to the lab after RT. He told me on Monday that he didn't have such a great Sunday while with family. He stated he is a little depressed. I was sorry to hear that. I asked him about his eye and burns. He wasn't as concerned about them. Thankfully he is eating somewhat better than in the past week.

I better get to bed. My skulldust head needs some rest. - Kate


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
I tried to post the other day, but it got lost somehow...anyway, I really want you to know I continue to pray for you and your family even though I don't have easy access to the internet.

My heart aches for you and your precious boys. I'm so glad the end of RT is in sight for you!

Know that I'm praying about your meeting with Dr. Linette tomorrow, and for your busy day in general.

Love to you, Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kate;
What a blessing it was to see you on Tuesday AM; though in tears, the strength of your faith and courage to trust and obey is amazing to me. I am so glad that you let your Bible Study group pray for you. It is a blessing and honor for both you and them. You have been close to my heart for many years and continue to be so in prayer during your trials. I am hear for you any time. I love you bunches. Your Friend, Laura C.

Jobacks said...

Kate and Dave:
It's Wednesday about 11:00, and I'm at work praying for you and Dave's appointment w/ the oncologist. You guys have been on Mike's and my hearts since dinner. It was such a joy to have you guys over, see the boys (hel-LO how tall and grown up they've shot!!), and hear about all of Dave's diligent research for his bride. He loves you so! I'm praying for you RIGHT NOW (I think God gave me a slow morning appointment - wise for his VERY reason) that you are having a productive and open dialoge with Dr. L. We love you! Bless your sawdust!
PS: If we are nearing our nighttime and naptime prayers and haven't prayed for you (yet), Isaac pipes up VERY loudly and protests! MOM, don't forget Kate! AS IF!!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for wisdom... He knows your asking.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate- As I read your comments, I am awed with your humor. Recently, I read this and it made me think of you and your humor during this trial. I like this quote "laughter opens you up to the divine."
Thoughts and prayers sent your way daily. Belgrade cousins. Pat and Gary