Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Due to the emotional sensitivity I have in losing strands of hair everytime I sleep, brush, shower, run my fingers through my hair and finding it on my robe, coat and sweaters - I ask you to please keep the silly hair loss comments and stories to a minimum. No bald jokes at this time.

I am sure I will at a later date be able to look back and smile.

Thank you for honoring this request. - Kate


Anonymous said...


I sincerely believe that God is mourning with you over the loss of your hair. It's not at all silly.

I will be praying boldly for you at this time- specifically for the hair loss.

-Katie Harris

The Jobacks said...

We love you! I'm glad you're pleased with your new hairdo...stacked in the back sounds really cute. I'm sure you look smashing (as usual).
"azaaa" from Isaac...deciphering &(interpretation: "pray for you."

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,
Still praying for your requests and for your heart as you keep moving forward. It is beautiful to see how God is shaping you, encouraging you, and loving you so faithfully in this "valley."
Love, Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I saw you this morning at Bible study but I'm guessing you had to leave early to pick up the boys. Just wanted to tell you that your new haircut is truly lovely. So, my dear Kate, are you. You are in ever in my thoughts and prayers.

Lisa Mann said...

Kate, Your new 'do' looked truly lovely on you today. You look just like when we were younger. :)

I am so privileged to be able to minister to little Stuart right now. He talks to you on the phone in the play kitchen every week!

Many hugs and prayers...to all of you.

Love ya.