Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lovin' being a mom

Tonight after a Valentine tradition by candle light of chocolate molten lava cakes, (chocolate oozes out like a volcano) real whip cream and rasberries Cole gave Carter a homemade valentine that he made at school and he also gave one to Dave and I. It was so precious to read what he put. I will be saving that one in his baby book. He cut out a heart for the middle then tie dyed a coffee filter to put in the hollow heart. The best part was seeing his handwriting and his thoughtful words.

Carter after kissing and tucking him in bed explianed that next year he wants to make a Valentine for me saying "You're a mom that can't be beat". He then said he would draw some boxing gloves on the front. I was so very touched by his boyish way of making a valentine. His neck is getting better. The doctor said that it is most likely a virus just watch out for a fever and a stiff neck. Glad to not take him in and pay a $30 co pay for just a virus.

Stuart is now officially in a big boy bed. His naps are a little shorter but he does sleep through the night so far. We are going on day 2.

I love being a mom. Their words and actions are the best. I wouldn't trade this job for the world. I am blessed to be able stay at home. The best Valentine present of all is being with my children and Dave.

I still take a nap every day. Dr. Simpson said that the effects of radiation will probably last 4 -6 weeks out. I also continue to wake at 5 am. I would like to wake at 6 when the actual alarm goes off. My head does ache at times but Dr. Forget (neurosurgeon) said that when my nerves are growing back together I will be feeling some sharp pains. It is to be expected. The burning sensation of radiation is inside as well.

The boys loved their lava cakes! It definitely is a great boy dessert. Volcanos - need I say more?


The Jobacks said...

Gotta get that recepie from you for the vol-CANO! cakes...Isaac would go nuts. He imitated a volcano ex-PLODING so loud recently that it made Elijah cry. Sad. Made Mike a Pistachio cake for Valentine's day--also a great recepie, but it doesn't have any molten lava associated with it. I think I've found my dessert to be somewhat boring. Also sad.
Love ya! Laura

Anonymous said...

You are to be commended for your Valentine tradition! The cake sounds great!