Friday, February 09, 2007

Last Day of RT! ! !

Well it is official today is the last day of radiation! I am elated! God has been so good to me throughout this one stage in the game.
There are some things I would appreciate some prayer for today.

Praises first
* Fatigue was not too bad.
* Burns on head were only like a sunburn.
* Never had to take steroids!
* No flu had come to the house during the RT.
* Soccer Gram's availability to watch Stuart the whole 3 months of treatment stuff.


1. Sleep in the night for me. I am waking up around 3 am then 5 am prior to the alarm going off at 6. I am fatigued due to the sleep issues. Praise though I am not as fatigued as they had anticipated.

2. Stuart is not feeling well. He took a long nap yesterday till 4 pm then after being awake for some time he wanted to go to bed at 5:30 pm before he ate some dinner. He did eat. He also did sleep through the night last night. His voice is scratchy and you can see it in his eyes that he is not feeling his normal self.

3. Safety for Dave. He is returning home from San Francisco today.

thanks again - Kate


Anonymous said...

Praising God with you for this special day!! Do something for yourself........quiet time and coffee at starbucks or a nice bubble bath. You deserve it!

Praising God for you today that you did go through with this treatment and had less side effects than expected.

Praying God will guide the next steps and heal your brain as you wait!
Love to you and your family this special day!
April C.

aunt dee dee said...

stuart wasn't at the top of his game yesterday. i hope he starts to feel better, but aunt dee dee didn't mind laying down with him in "toll's" bed before dinner, pulling the covers over our heads and talking about choo-choo trains and firetrucks. he was ready to go night-night, and so was i. but probably not as ready as the nomadic grams, who after today will return to her own bed. great grandpa, after spending most of his winter in columbia, will be coming home too; he will be back to his old routine of roaming around the house while grams is sleeping, and playing his records in the basement, and waiting for meals-on-wheels to arrive with his lunch during the day. carter will have his bed back. subsequently, cole will have his room again. and poor kate will have to get used to not having the automatic babysitter of grams and the occasional aunt dee dee. she's on her own for what we hope is a long while--not because we don't want to be there, we just don't want it to be under these circumstances. indeed, cancer affects everyone.

Nomadic Gram said...

Well said Dee Dee! I once heard it said that the term Normal is only a setting on your wash machine. It does not apply to life.
Much of my spring will be on the farm. Always lots of stuff to do there.
Again big thanks to Mary Jo and Mitch in Columbia for taking care of Great Gramps. He settled in nicely to life in mid Missouri. But alas it is time to come home to Washington and a freshly painted bathroom. My weekend winter project.
And for all you moms of children check out the Kirkwood library where Dee Dee is planning summer programs. She is excited about her new job.
For now so long to all you really great people who delivered meals to the Snodgrass house. I picked up some good recipes. Gram really appreciated it.
Gram packed and ready to go home.
Houston we have landed. Over and out.

Anonymous said...


Truly, this is a really big day! Reading through the comments of Aunt Dee Dee and Soccer Gram, I just feel so proud of you...of what you and the whole family have accomplished in surviving this tremendous challenge of radiation! Your cancer has been like a stone thrown in a pond, whose ripple effects extend far beyond the initial impact. Many people have learned a lot about themselves and the goodness of God through your challenge. God bless you,


Jen Peskorse said...

Kate and family-
It has been a joy to pray for you - and we will continue to pray! I am so thankful for what the Lord has provided for you each hour, day and week- What a special family you have, Kate! What unconditional love they show to you,Dave and your kids. I stand in awe of the Lord's faithfulness- and His amazing power to heal, restore, refresh and revive. To Him alone be the Glory- Love in Him, Jen Peskorse
Psalm 138

The Jobacks said...

We rejoice w/ you (but probably not as MUCH as you) on this, your last day of radiation! Whoooppppeeee!!! That 'bout sums up what I wanted to say!
We LOVE you!
The Jobacks

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!
What wonderful ways He has provided for you.
LeeAnn G.