Wednesday, July 25, 2007

All is well

Carter is a GO for camp tomorrow. He is very excited to say the least. He has been asking to go to camp since last year and has been pestering us for quite some time. The oldest has to pave the way for the siblings to come. Although Cole made it very clear last week that he has no desire what so ever to attend camp. I know he means it too. He is not one for spending the night even at grandmas house with a cousin. He likes the comforts of home. He even has difficulty sleeping in our home outside his bed. When we have company it is Carter who has to go to Cole's room to sleep on the floor. "Continuity is good" would be Cole's motto. He is not one for change. At all!

Great News! Cole was feeling better yesterday with no fever. He went with Daddy to the Cardinals game. They just arrived home a few minutes ago. The Cubs were spanking the Cards. Bummer! It seems that the Cards are hot one night then the next they fizzle. We do enjoy when the Cards score 6 or more runs in a game. The next day Mobil sells coffee, soda and slushies for 25 cents each. I am sure you know what the boys go for. Stuart will even mention "I want a slushie" when I drive by a Mobil on preceding non six run game days. Sorry Stu.

I was able to call Joe prior to my nap today. He sounded good. I asked him if he was discouraged. He mentioned that he was in the beginning for the oncologist first stated that he was going to just remove the tumor in the lung area. Then when Joe went in to discuss it at a further date the doctor changed his tune to stereotatic radiation. To say the least Joe was not happy. I won't divulge his thoughts. All is to say is that the doctor called him to apologize and to let him know that at his age recovery from surgery is not as easy to do.

More great news is that his right eye that had the surgery is doing much better. If you can remember it was his right eye that was his better eye prior to surgery. Later he was informed that he could be considered legally blind if it didn't improve. Well, it has improved so much as to say that Joe is going to get another eye exam and take it to the license bureau. Write that one done as a definite answer to prayer. Carter will be thrilled to hear it as well. He has been so faithful to pray for Joe and his eye.

I am so looking forward to seeing Joe on Friday. I mentioned to him that we should go out for lunch at Bread Company since it is right across the street from Siteman. He said he is at the mercy of Kay his neice. I told him I am sure she wouldn't mind. He agreed.

This is totally not on the subject . . . My dad, known as Poppyto the boys has a garden of goodies that he has been delivering on an ongoing basis the past few days. We are up to our ears in produce. Last year Carter and Cole went door to door selling the tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. This year we are not finding the time to do it. They were able to go up our street but it was during the day and not very many people were home. I was able to shred the zucchini and freeze for muffins to be made at a later time. Yummy, I can smell it now.

. . . if you know where we live come on by and pick up some produce on our front porch. Look for the red wagon. We have cucumbers, three varieties of squash, 2 fresno peppers, zucchini and lots of tomatoes. There is even some yellow tomatoes which are known to be less acidic.

Again thanks for not just reading this blog but taking the time to pray. God hears our prayers. This blog is proof of that. God is good.


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear all is well with the Snodgrass boys, and I will say a prayer for Carter tonight to battle any homesickness that may creep in!! I will pray for Joe, also, and your visit with him Friday. And if I can, I will stop by your house and take some produce off your porch!!

:) Erika

Anonymous said...

Everyone reading this . . .

Lots of homegrown tomatoes!
Lots of butternut squash and some other varieties.

Don't delay - Come on over.


Anonymous said...

We'll be by after quiet time. YUM homegrown tomatoes! Mine are all still green. Big but green.

Miss seeing you @ the pool

Laura Joback said...

Just to make you laugh--had to have a little "procedure" today at the gastroenterologist under sedation (all is OK, so don't anybody get wiggy).... TOTALLY full waiting room, kids with Daddy waiting to drive Mommy home afterwards... Just before I'm taken back with the nurse, in 2000 decibel voice, Isaac pipes up, "Mommy, do you get to keep your bra on or do you have to take it off?" I was mortified! Note to self: muzzle your children in public. Kidding. Here's looking at the thinking mind of a 3-yr old! Hugs: Laura