Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dave's the man!

The score was five to three at the bottom of the last inning. The Chesterfield blue team was down by two runs against Covenant. They were competing for the chance to play against the #1 seated Chesterfield red team in the championship game. There were two outs and the bases were loaded. Dave Snodgrass was up to bat. He hit a line drive over the centerfielders glove. A triple! A triple! Go crazy everybody! Three runs were scored. Blue won the game!

Unfortunately the red team won the championship game by two runs. Many of the men were joking around about the trophy ceremony asking when it will be during tomorrow's church service.

It was said "Today is a sad, sad day for Covenant for they have won the tournament for the past couple years." Sorry Wade of Covenant, Dave is the man.


Anonymous said...

Dave is the man! Like his ancestors he only gets better with age! It's not until their early 20s that the Snodgrass men start coming into their own in sports. A factual and unbiased statement from a proud father!

Dad (aka Pop Pop)

Anonymous said...

Dave hits it out of the park when it comes to being a wonderful son. Hitting in the winning runs for the blue team is icing on the cake. Way to go, Dave!
Grammy C

Laura Joback said...

I get so amused when you blog about sports events or the field day events--you can tell that either a) you are the mom of boys or b) you have a very competitive side of your own or c) all of the above. You root for this side, boo for that side, have the different teams' colors highlighed in the appropriate hue! It's so YOU, Kate! Loved the pics and loved the update about sweet Joe. I'm sure that your friendship to him has been a bright spot in his world this last year. Peacoat Kate is a darling nickname, by the way! It's better than Extraneous Vegetable Kate (which is the latest gift you've bestowed upon him). I'd stick w/ Peacoat Kate, myself, too! Here's to you and thinking about you today. PS: good visit w/ AE from Houston this weekend--I'll have to fill you in! Laura

Ramona Lisa said...

Covenant generously passed on the title after winning FOUR consecutive championships.
It was only fair.

Great hit by Dave in the final inning--no doubt about it!

Blessings, A Proud Covenant Softball Backer (Wade's wife)

Anonymous said...

This was an email sent to Dave a few days ago from his coach. With his permission here is a portion of his comments. - kate

"As I watched the Cardinals score 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th yesterday to beat the Brewer's, it was 'deja vous' from just a few hours earlier in our first playoff game against Covenant. Only we were down 5-2 in the bottom of the 7th & Dave Snodgrass hit a bases loaded triple to lead us to a 6-5 win. Okay, it wasn't for 1st place but at least we turned the tables on Covenant who beat us in the Championship two years in a row by one run. Unfortunately, we continued our inability to score runs at the Kirk field & lost to CPC RED in the final game, 8-5. Well, at least Chesterfield won the Championship!"