Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Community Group Relationships

Tonight was spent with our longtime friends the Haguewood and Pott families. We have known each other since pre-kid days. Dave and I facilitated a community group in our home for many years. Both families were part of that community group studying God's word together. It was a wonderful time of in depth learning and living life together. From adoptions, deaths, births and family learning it was great sharing our lives together. The deep relationships continue to this day. All the families started having kids at the same time. It was great to learn infant parenting together as well. Even though we all attend different churches now, we continue to get together around July 4th and Christmas (Happy Birthday Jesus party). I love them dearly.

The gals of the group try to get together at least 3 times a year for a "girls night out". We all are at different stages in our life - from homeschooling to one working full time. Lots to talk about. Marcia and Patty were the gals I had dinner with last fall on October 19. The very first day I started having my headaches.

The kids having a blast! Where does the time go?


Anonymous said...

Kate - I just got chills reading this. We always enjoy our time with you even though it's so far and few between...You are the best and we love you dearly, too! Yes, where has the time gone...


Laura Joback said...

So stylin' in your hat, girl! I loved the holiday picture of the boys in their red, white, and blue. Has Dave's back recovered from the ker-plaaaattt into the pool? Owie, bet THAT smarted! It was good to hear your voice the other day. Tank, sorry,... THANK you for your friendship! Jobacks in prayer for you daily! Out!