Monday, July 16, 2007

Stuart on the mend

Today Stuart was able to see Dr. McKinney. You know it is your third child when you wait almost 10 days prior to discussing it with the pediatrician. Here is the run down of all that has happened to precious Stu.

Thursday, June 5 - woke from nap with crying that wouldn't stop for a long time. He mentioned his "mouth hurts".

Friday, June 6 - raspy voice - assuming a sore throat - lasted 3 - 4 days turned into a cold with a wet cough -
One day early in the week his bowels were . . . hmmm . . . not normal.

This Saturday - fever 102 axillary with cold & wet cough

Sunday - stayed home from church with Dad with Saturdays symptoms yet fever was lower

Monday - No fever and congestion was much better. He seemed much better this morning and I wasn't going to take him in yet, nurse Camille thought it best for Dr. McKinney to see him.

He checked ears, lungs and Camille swabbed for strep. All came back fine. Stuart seems to have a sinus infection. Amoxicillin should do the trick. Dr. McKinney usually doesn't give an antibiotic for a sinus infection but "since it has been going on for some time" he decided to kick it out of Stuart sooner. I knew it wasn't the ears and didn't think it was strep (of course I have been wrong about that one).

Glad to have Stu hopefully on the mend.


Ramona Lisa said...

Feel better, sweet Stuart! Liliana is still under the weather, too. Maybe you and Liliana have been sharing too many pool toys!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

XO, Ramona

Oldqueen44 said...

We've got that going around here in New Mexico. Hope your little guy is on the mend.

Laura Joback said...

What a cutie! Yeah, it's hard to have the little guys under the weather. I tried to send a blog to him last entry, but I think I experienced technical difficulties. I'm sure it wasn't the blog b/c you know I'm not computer SAVVY and I'm lucky I get done what I do on this thing! A foreign object to me, that's what it is! Thinking of you today! Laura and family