Thursday, July 19, 2007

Joe's Discouraging News

Today I was in contact with my friend Joe's neice, Kay via email to ask how he was doing. She called me late tonight to let me know of his condition. I am typing it to the best of my understanding in the conversation I had. She gave me permission to post this on the blog.

He had a PET scan as a follow up to see if any cancer from his ear (squamous cell) had spread to any other parts of his body. The scan showed a "hot spot" on the lower left margin of one of his lungs I think she said left. Don't hold me to it. A biopsy was performed last week Thursday. It is adeno carcinoma a grandular cancer. The hot spot is a primary tumor yet not a positive type of cancer due to being grandular and high risk of spreading.

The plans are to prepare him for stereotactic radiation. He is to return to Siteman next Friday the 27th to have a "band" or body cast made for his abdomen. It will shape to his body.

Stereotactic radiosurgery uses sophisticated computerized imaging to precisely target a narrow X-ray beam. Using this method, it is possible to effectively destroy small tumors or close down abnormal blood vessels.

This technique, which is accurate to one millimeter or less, does not require surgery and can be done on an outpatient basis. Radiation can be delivered using either the frameless
CyberKnife, or a framed system.

Stereotactic radiosurgery includes the participation of both the surgical and radiation oncology team who work together to evaluate and treat each patient. Please see the following web site for more information -

Joe's radiation will be performed on three consecutive days. It is a precise radiation that will be given in huge amounts - equivalent to 33 radiation treatments. I do not have the dates of his treatments for Kay did not have it. I am sure once they make his body cast they have to set up the computer and beams just like they did for my radiation. I will keep you posted once I have information.

It is my desire to go down to Siteman on Friday to see him or have them over for lunch or dinner. I am waiting to hear what time is his fitting appointment. It is supposed to take about two hours.

First pray for Joe. Pray also for me as I am discouraged for him. My heart aches. I literally am down after hearing this. He is my friend. He was a true blessing to me during the whole radiation time period. A great companion. I am thankful that his oncologist for his ear ordered a PET scan otherwise this new cancer could have gone undectected for some time. Also thankful to hear that his ear tissue is finally healing correctly after they removed some RT ear neucrosis (dead tissue).

For those of you who are new to this blog and want to know more about my friend Joe be sure to check out the archive section to the right. Please look at the December 29 post "Joe" and the January 11 post "More on Joe".

Many thanks to a little mouse who prompted me to contact "my friend".
You are a sweetheart! I miss you too!


Laura Joback said...

I'll pray for Joe! Your care for him now in his time of need is going to be a blessing, I'm sure! My heart is heavy for YOU this morning b/c your heart is heavy for HIM! Isaac says hi: (pause: he spoke to the computer screen like he thought you could hear cute is THAT?) joback (that was him typing his own name)...that part he got right! Thinking of you today! Laura

Anonymous said...

Lifting him up in prayer! I know he was encouraged by you as well. My your heart by lifted up by our heavenly Father, Emily