Friday, July 27, 2007

Visiting the two "B's"

So you have been anticipating the update on my day . . . .

This morning I was first privileged to see my cousin Luke and his bride, Nicole's first baby boy. One day old Keagan is oh so cute. I really don't remember my boys ever being that tiny. Well, Carter wasn't that tiny because he was a good 9 lbs. 9 oz.. Yes, you heard it right! Keagan weighed in at 9 lbs. 3 oz.. A big baby but, I still think he looks so small. Carter was huge. (Maybe his head was just bloated from me having so much water weight. I had gained a whoppin 54 lbs. during my first pregnancy with severe pitting edema.) Whatever the case - children grow up too quickly. Savor every moment for they really are a blessing from the Lord. Congratulations Luke and Nicole!
After the baby visit I went on my way to see my buddy, Joe. His casting appointment was completed sooner than expected so Kay and him were waiting for me to arrive. I welcomed him with some homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. He looks great and fiesty as ever. His coloring and weight is very good. We strolled over to Applebee's to have lunch. Two of his sons joined as well. The conversation was lively. I really was able to learn more about Joe and his family. All the antics a family of eight kids can provide living in the city of St. Louis. It was later that Joe and his wife moved to Bonne Terre, Missouri.

One of the first things Joe mentioned about the first sixty miles on their journey up to St. Louis today is that he drove! He was very proud of that fact. He later mentioned it to his boys and they joked with him asking him if they needed to give him lessons. I think they were a little surprised.

Joe will start his stereotactic radiation the week of August 20. It will be scheduled on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Kay mentioned that she will be in contact with the nurse case manager to see if he can stay at the Hope Lodge during that week. ON a funny note: Joe refers to me as Peacoat Kate. I mentioned to him that this radiation session he will not have a peacoat. He laughed. After saying our goodbyes I was able to chat with my Siteman parking attendant friend, Tomyra.
Today was a good day. Seeing a baby and my buddy. The two "B's".


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story. Are-+`10W0 e here in Colubia City have praying for you and Joe daily. It is quite comical whe Arwen calls him "Joe, Joe' (

Anonymous said...


I was looking forward to your update all day on Friday! Good to know that Joe is doing well and getting lots of support from you and his children...and the baby pic was an added bonus!

Looking forward to some camp pics of Carter! (9lbs 9!)


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the previous post- the kids decided to help out and pressed post before I could finish or erase what they had pushed-that's a 3 and 5 yr old for ya!! I just had a chance to redo the post.

Isn't it amazing how we forget how small newborns are when we have older kids!!! And we are thinking about another baby after the kids are in school- what are we thinking!! With Arwen's special needs sometimes I have to carry her all around like a newborn-she weighs 41#!!! The pictures of the boys and family are great, please keep them coming. We here in Columbia City are praying for you, your family, others who have cancer, and Joe daily. Arwen and Sebastian call Joe "Jo Jo" it is so sweet!
I do ask that you and any others who look at the blog comments and have extra prayers to pray for Arwen- she has been having a rough time with her seizures lately; last week she had over 20 in one day and this past week she has had at least 3 daily (we did find out that her levels are a bit low) and we also got some blood work done last week for some other "disability/syndrome" findings since the doctors are stumped on what she really has- the are positive it ISN'T autism thought. (Sorry Kate if this is not appropriate to ask for prayers on your blog for others- if it is I think you can erase this comment, we need all the prayers we can get).

Have a great weekend and praying for all!
Danielle, Rick, Arwen, Sebastian