Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day Celebrations

The fam at the fireworks display!
Parade fun! Mom look at my tootsie roll.

Last night was a fun night with our pool pal friends along with the King family. The town of Twin Oaks put on a wonderful display. It is great to have such a close display to our home. They were magnificent! Stuart was mesmerized by the colors.

This morning we enjoyed the Webster parade. It is always fun to see the kids taking in the sights and sounds of a good parade. The Wichts joined in the fun. Ramona and I had our picture taken with a clown. No, it wasn't Wade. It was taken on her camera so I won't be able to post it on todays blog. After the hot parade we took a splash in the pool. Dave had fun getting the kids wet on the side during the adult swim time. When looking at the picture notice Cole with a blue swim shirt. Dave spent most of his childhood at the pool. He tells the boys often of him riding his bike to the pool, eating candy, drinking soda and getting the lifeguards wet in the little town of Wabash, Indiana. Today I am sure it brought back memories.
Today I am grateful for all the family traditions we have. The fourth of July is no different. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be here for my family. It is a joy to my heart.
Thankful for the freedom we have in the United States.

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