Friday, June 29, 2007

A beautiful mosaic

Tonight was a spur of the moment Mexican dinner with our good friends the Wichts. Ramona and Wade were one of the many faithful couples that stood by our side at the beginning of this cancer trial. Wade even went so far as to spend the night at the hospital with Dave the first night while I was in ICU. Ask him the funny story of how nurse Amy tried waking Dave at 3 in the morning. We have really appreciated their friendship. They are truly a great couple who love Jesus and people! Love them so. At dinner Ramona gave me a boxed gift. Inside was a wonderful surprise of the newest Aaron Shust CD - Whispered and Shouted. Wade's brother in law knows Aaron down in Atlanta through church ministry. Ramona contacted Aaron via email to tell him my story and how I love his music. Ramona asked him if he was planning a concert in St. Louis anytime soon so she could have me backstage. A concert isn't in the plans. Bummer! The CD from his personal collection was the next best thing that Aaron decided would make a thoughtful gift. He signed the inside cover. "To Kate - Remember, God is watching over you! with his signature and Proverbs 19 :21.
Many are the plans in a man's heart,
but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.
Many thanks to Ramona and Wade. Your hearts are so full of compassion and it shows. You truly know how to foster relationships. What a great example for Dave and I to follow. You both know how to be a friend. Thanks for loving us and our boys.

Below is the explanation Aaron Shust gives to how he came to write the first song on the CD. I will put it in color for you to know it is him writing.
Long Live the King:

Rick Pearson was 23 when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. For all express purposes, he had everything going for him. He had an amazing voice. He led worship at his church and at camps and conferences all over the place. He was about to get engaged, and from conversations I've had with other people, everybody loved him. But for reasons that God only knows, Rick's time on earth was done. His is an amazing story of selflessness, perspective beyond this little span of time we call "life", and positive attention being directed toward the King overseeing it all.

As I was driving to Rick's second Memorial Concert last fall, (a time designed to remember Rick, praise God and support ministries that Rick supported) I felt like I should turn off the radio and drive in silence. It was September, a nice day in Atlanta, and the top was down in my Jeep, so I was just trying to enjoy the drive, but my thoughts were stuck on Rick and how incredibly God operates in times of apparent tragedy. The chorus to this song just came pouring out in my middle of my drive. "Long live The One who gives us LIFE, and PEACE and HOPE for Tomorrow!" Life does not end here! God reigns over all time and eternity and has invited us to join Him! "I'll give my everything to The One who PLEDGED to CANCEL my sorrow!"

Sometimes I'm amazed that my heart hasn't stopped beating since the day I was born; and only God holds the number of our days, so we find ourselves pressing on; ekeing by sometimes. We live with tragedy, disappointments, failure, divorce, death, and so much more that we'd rather not have in our lives. But we also live with grace. The grace of God flows non-stop when we don't have any left to offer. He restores our lives. He gives us a love to show the unlovable, when we couldn't muster up such an action from within ourselves. He makes a beautiful mosaic out of our lives that could only be created by taking all the broken, shattered fragments and piecing them together again. (emphasis mine)

Rick's sorrows have already been cancelled. He has been restored. Because that's what our King does: He forgives and restores. Long Live the King!I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the Whispered and Shouted album. The CD was keeping me company while I wrote this post. I am trusting God to make a beautiful mosaic out of my broken life as only He does. He is and continues to show grace in my life. He is so faithful.
To God be all the glory.

PS - Be sure to look at the previous post. I put a great picture of Cole at his end of season baseball party from Wednesday night.


Ramona Lisa said...

Love to you!!

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful blog entry. I have found reading about the body of Christ at work in your life to be so encouraging!

Also, loved the comments about the broken mosaics of our lives. Larry and I were talking about what we have learned in 13 years of marriage, and I was thinking that what God has taught me is that I am NEVER sufficient on my own, and neither is Larry, and so much of what I have valued in life is truly WORTHLESS in the scheme of things. (I don't think Larry was intending such a deep conversation...I think he meant more that he has learned that I like house hold projects and he prefers travel!!) :)

God bless,


Gram said...

My favorite 4th of July story. It has been several years now since I read this story. But I just smiled as I read.
A small town out east somewhere always had a little parade to mark the 4th of July. The usual route for the parade took them by a beautiful lake. One year a church thought it would be nice to do their baptism's on the 4th of July in the lake.
While they were baptizing the parade turned a curve and noticed the baptism and heard the hymns being sung. As the parade marched by they stopped playing the band and walked by in silence out of respect. As soon as they had passed they resumed playing.
Also I was touched by one of the pictures from the first gulf war Desert Storm. Soldiers had dug a hole in the sand and filled it with water and were baptising.
I encourage everyone everywhere to pray for our soilders tomorrow who are serving in Iraq while we celebrate.
Gram checking in on Independence Day.