Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Carter

Happy 9th Birthday Carter!

Yesterday, Carter had a special day all his own. He requested biscuits and gravy for breakfast and it was granted. I hadn't made biscuits and gravy since I cut out sausage from my diet. I limit sausage consumption with the boys significantly. I figure one morning is not going to hurt.

After the yummy breakfast that Cole thoroughly enjoyed as well a fun party with friends started after lunch. While Stuart was napping we played many games/relays. Carter and Cole tied on the football throwing game. They had to throw from a distance into a rectangular goal. Each person received one point if they got it into the goal but hit the chain. Two points were given if they didn't hit any sides. A tie breaker was done at the end and Carter came out on top. Great job Cole and Carter! They both have a great arm and aim.

Another fun relay was having each boy run a distance to a pile of football gear to put on. They were to put on pads, an old Rams jersey and a helmet. I would then take their picture and they would run back to the starting line. Carter won with 34 seconds. The other boys score ranged from 54 seconds to 1 minute 26 seconds. I think Carter had an advantage for he practiced many times prior to his special day.
Everyone enjoyed ice cream and a football shaped cake. Funny story behind that one. I was up late Monday night making the cake because I felt guilty just having cupcakes for the party. I want my boys to remember in years to come that I went all out to make them feel special on their birthdays. At bedtime while tucking him in Carter said he didn't mind the cupcakes I had already made but he preferred a cake. He was gracious about it. So off I went to the store to purchase the cake mixes and ingredients for homemade icing. I couldn't in good conscious ice the cake with the pre made stuff. The ingredient list was scary. The cakes turned out well. I made two because they were small. Carter also was given a choice of a special dinner at home or to eat out. He chose to eat out. Fine with me! After planning a party and making two cakes late Monday night I didn't really want to make a dinner. We ended the day with a ballgame. Carter's team lost by only one run. The team all shared cupcakes at the end.

Needless to say I didn't have time to blog yesterday for sleep was a priority!

Opps! I forgot to mention the party favors. They were a special case filled with baseball and football cards. The company personalized them with whatever I wanted. I had it to say "Carter's 9th Birthday June 5, 2007. The ebay company was great to work with and they even gave me Carter's for free and put his favorite teams in his! We could of had all football cards but Carter doesn't care for football cards. His real passion is baseball. We had a baseball party last year and didn't want to do another.


Ramona Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Carter! You are a very special boy. Great photo of you in the football uniform, too.

Way to go on another terrific birthday party, Kate. You're setting the bar pretty high for the rest of us moms! :)

Come to the pool with us soon!

Laura said...

Hey, girl! Sorry I've been AWOL (absent w/o leave for you non military types)...Dad's been in the hospital...I'll fill you in by phone, OK? Still on my mind and in my prayers even if I'm not obsessively/compulsively checking and writing on this blog. I'm obscessively/compulsively dealing w/ DAD now. Ah, well, gotta obscess and compulse over something, huh? May as well be you or him... Hugs. L. Joback

Soccer Gram said...

Well time for Gram to make one of her road trips for the summer. No big vacations for me. But I do love these little two or three day road trips. Last time Poppi and I went south he insisted we stop at the town where Johnny Cash was born. Very poor cotton pickin country. I could have done without that experience but it made him happy. I always know we are getting closer when I see the sign on I-55 that says Bayhou Road.
Byhalia Mississippi (pronounced Bi, not Ba) is the destination for the one and only granddaughter's 5th birthday. Byhalia is right down there in the heart of Dixie, just south of Memphis. And they have the cutest little Piggy Wiggly store. The only one in town. Now in the Piggy Wiggly I can find things that cannot be found in Yankee land. I notice when I visit Piggly Wiggly that the ladies all congregate around the piles of turnip greens, mustard greens and collard greens for their social time. One can stop and chat with the locals about how they fix their greens. Everyone knows that dark greens are good for you. I for one have never been able to fix greens and need all the help I can get. Everyone is very friendly in Byhalia and always wanting to know where I live. I guess the accent gives it away.
So off to the south I go to celebrate a second birthday party for the week. Just not enough hours in the day.
Happy birthday to Carter 9, and Emmy 5. Time is marching on.
Gram with her party hat on.