Friday, June 29, 2007

A Herd of Pachyderms

Dave arrrived safely home Wednesday at midnight. Last night was spent hearing the boys catching up on spending time with him. Stuart was privileged to have a horsie ride. When asked what was his horse's name he would respond "Daddy". So cute. The older boys along with Stuart then "wrestled" while I was finishing up the dishes. As they were laughing and making obnoxious noises it really sounded like a herd of pachyderms in the house. Oh the joy of having daddy back home after a long trip. For me it seemed especially long due to the busy first two days of the week. Two doctors in two days is enough for me. Wednesday night was Cole's end of year baseball party with trophies given out. Thursday was a great day of staying mostly home.

We are looking forward to no agendas this coming weekend. Nothing is scheduled on the calendar. We might take a family journey to Grants Farm or the zoo. Dave needs to sleep in on Saturday morning due to not sleeping well on his trip.

Glad to have Daddy Dave home!

Cole with baseball buddies, James and Will


Soccer Gram said...

Gram still around and checking in. I have decided to take another one of my little road trips this weekend. This time to Central Missouri to visit sister Mary Jo. Sister Sherri put this trip in motion.
Now everyone knows that different personalities in families makes life more interesting. For example: Among the three sisters. Sherri is always the one that is late for everything. We have told her for years that she will be late for her funeral. So I gave her the choice of picking the time to leave on Saturday. Now being the very early morning person that I am I would have left at 6 a.m. But Sherri has decided to leave Washington at 7:30. Translated this means 8:30.
It is important to get to Columbia by 10 a.m so that we can go to the Farmers Market. Not so important to Sherri, but of extreme importance to Mary Jo and myself. We like to hang with the very earthy people that make up the Columbia outdoor market. Sherri on the other hand likes garage sales and estate sales. She has even been known to crawl into a dumpster at one time to retrieve something.We were ready to disown her at that point, but we decided to keep her. I must give her credit. She comes up with the most unusual things and then turns around and sells them and makes money.
Mary Jo is a keeper. A chronic one at that. Clutter is her middle name. She does not like to get rid of anything. And so it is always of interest to see what is at her house. She has a cold room in her basement that would supply the army at Fort Hood for awhile if an emergency hit the nation. However they would be eating a lots of beans. Jars of beans line the shelf of the cold room. I have always enjoyed rummaging around that room. And sometimes I take home a few beans with me.
They would tell you that my downfall is I get rid of everything. I am not a keeper and too many garage sales depress me. Then when I get rid of it in six months I am mad that I can't find it. I am the oldest of the three sisters and the chubby one. They are just little tiny things and I have never understood how that genetic profile worked out.
Mary Jo called tonight and wondered if we could stop in Hermann MO at the bakery to pick up something sweet along the way. I made the mistake of doing that last time I had a road trip to her house and now she expects goodies from the German Bakery. I told her it would all depend on sister Sherri. MJ and I are making bets on how late she will be in the morning. She has no regard for time. All clocks could be tossed out the window and Sherri would be happy. Maybe that's the way we should all live.

Yes, Kate has coined a herd of pachyderms correctly for the boys were just that way while watching them during her doctors appointments earlier this week.

Gram wishing everyone a safe
weekend. God Bless

Kate said...

Jealous I am not joining in on the Columbia road trip. Always have a great time with the Columbia fam.

much love,