Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Legacy

I have had this post written since last Saturday as a draft and was trying to decide whether or not to post it.

There are many songs on XM 32 and the local christian radio station that I listen more intently to lately. Another blogger friend that I have been following recently just posted a song that I just pondered a few days ago. It speaks of a persons desire to leave a legacy to those she leaves behind in this world. My prayer is that I will have done just that. Not to be remembered for that young mom that had brain cancer but something more significant.

The song is Legacy by Nichole Nordeman. Turn it up!

What will you and I be remembered for?


Oldqueen44 said...

A great song. A true favorite. Do our every day actions point to God? If that is the case it will overshadow any condition you may have.
I had an elderly friend from church and everything about her experssed the love of the Lord. Even at her funeral it was all about how to know and accept the Lord. She left an amazing legacy.

Mary Lou said...

Dacia Grace and I were listening to this when she turned to me and said, "This is a good one!" Thought you might like to hear the raves of my 2 year old. :)

Praying for you as always!
Mary Lou (and Dacia Grace)

Anonymous said...


A while back I heard a speaker talking about the age-old angst we moms deal with: emphasis on clean houses vs. emphasis on time with kids. The speaker had been to a funeral where person after person got up and spoke about how clean the woman's house had been and how it always smelled like Lysol. The speaker's response was, "PLEASE don't let that be my legacy! That my house smelled like Lysol!"

Those words come through my mind several times a month when I'm tempted to brush my kids aside to get the house clean (okay, particularly if guests are coming---that's about the only time I stress out over it!).

Better to invest in something that lasts forever like kids and other people than a straight house that lasts maybe 30 minutes. (Less at my house . . .)


Ramona Lisa said...

You KNOW I love that song! It's one of my all-time faves, and one of a chosen few I chose to post. So powerful and inspiring!

"Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough?" I ask myself these questions every day!

Cool link to put on your page.

See you Saturday, Ramona