Monday, June 25, 2007

New Radiation Doctor

Dr. Mai is going to be a great fit as a new radiation oncologist. She did a complete exam and told me of many positive things. One being that a study was done some time ago in regards to primary brain tumor patients and the outcome of their life expectancy. She stated that I rank at the top of that study due to my neurological findings, age and overall health which in turn gives me a higher life expectancy. Dr. Mai gave me the exact name of the study for Dave and I to read for ourselves. We will obviously be reading that medical journal study from the radiation aspect. So glad we have doctors who care about their patients. Dr. Mai also said that I will only need to keep up my visits and MRI's with Dr. Needles and only see her on a "as needed" basis if symptoms arise. She will receive updates through Dr. Needles.

Another great aspect of my morning was getting in to see Dr. Cohen for tomorrow yes, tomorrow at 11 am. The secretary said that Dr. Cohen just had a cancellation for tomorrow otherwise it would be sometime late August before I could be seen. I was elated! Is that God or what? I feel bad for my mom as she was already here this morning taking care of the boys. She was willing to return tomorrow. Stuart will need to take his nap around 1 pm. Dr. Cohen's main office is at Siteman. All my follow ups can be done at St. Lukes which is much closer to home. The secretary said for me to expect that I will be at Dr. Cohen's office for a minimum of one and a half hours. That is normal for most doctors at Siteman. I may run downstairs to radiology to say "hi" to Dot, Hope and Steph my receptionist friends. I miss seeing them as I did every day for 30 days.

Thanks for praying!


Anonymous said...

OUR GOD IS AMAZING! So glad you are feeling his love and seeing his miracles in your life. What a miracle you are to us all! Keep your head up!
April c.

Anonymous said...


Great news, and we are so glad for the update!


Especially Heather said...

Im so glad to hear that you found an oncologist that you like! I want to hear more about this "life expectancy " report that you spoke of!!

My mom will call your husband tomorrow night, tentatively... Email me if that doesnt work :)

Praying for you, dear friend:)

Anonymous said...

God continues to be the same God yesterday, today....and forever...amazing us with His miracles of grace and love!

Great news about Dr. Mai and getting in to see Dr. Cohen!

The Stark's :)