Monday, June 11, 2007

A Boring / Different MRI

The verdict is in that this new MRI site does things a little differently than Siteman. I absolutely love being at this location. Besides parking being convenient it is a quiet location with not a lot of hub bub. AFter filling out paperwork I was escorted to take my belongings (purse) including my earrings to a locker. Two things that were different were that they didn't require me to take off any articles of clothing that had a zipper or metal parts to it. I did opt to take off an undergarment that had some wiring due to the fact that the last MRI with St. Johns it was pulling upwards and was uncomfortable. Another change was that a folded dry washcloth was put over my eyes. At Siteman they just wanted me to not open my eyes. Never really got a clear reason why. Anyway the MRI lady told me the washcloth was to help patients with or without claustrophobia to relax. I am not sure it helped me as I was wanting to watch the numbers on the scanner to see how much on each clicking/series of scans were left as I have done in the past. She said she would be willing to tell me how many minutes were left on some of the tests performed. The last item that was different was that my bloodwork was taken midway into my scan. They rolled me out of the tube to take blood (mind you without me seeing due to the washcloth) and also gave my contrast at that time for the remainder portion of the scan. The needle did sting more than it has in the past but I didn't mind not being able to see the needle. The sting really is my only complaint. I really was at peace in the tube and not anxiously waiting for it to be over.

Many thanks to Michelle Roloff for giving me the Watermark CD at the beginning of this trial. It helped to pass the time. I love the praise songs especially the one titled Who am I?. If you haven't heard the song try downloading it sometime soon!

Thanks for praying for peace. Continue to pray for a clear reading. I'll keep you posted on what Dr. Needles has to say on Wednesday.


Jennifer Hamilton said...

That is so funny that you mentioned Watermark today. Because they are one of my fav. christian artists and just this morning during my time with the Lord I heard Beautiful Savior and thought to myself I have got to start listening to that CD again. I miss their songs. I feel so much closer to God when I hear worship and praise music. Thanks for the confirmation. I love when God speaks to us through others. On another note: my sister Jeanne just started going to Siteman and says that she likes it but it's kind of depressing. Any positive words I could pass on to her? Thanks and God bless. You are in my thoughts and prayers, I try and read the blog everyday but with 5 kids sometimes the computer doesn't get turned on. To God be all the Glory!!!!

The Endraskes said...


Thank you so much for your dedication in keeping us up to date as to what's going on. I may not post as often as I used to, but still read every few days and continue to pray for you.

Kim in Memphis

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you tonight. Think of me as the one who prays for you late at night or in the wee hours of the morning! I pray for God's peace as you await the MRI, and good results.
Nancy Williams

Oldqueen44 said...

Parking...One of the small blessings in a day.
Hoping for God's goodness for you today.