Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doctors and a homerun

Tomorrow will be my consultation appointment with radiation oncologist, Dr. Julie Mai at St. John's. My appointment is at 9 am. I very much wanted to find a radiation oncologist to manage my care closer to home. I'll keep you posted.

Also, I received an email from a friends husband, Dr. J. William Harbour who is an ophthalmologist specializing in eye cancer at Washington University School of Medicine / Siteman. I had wanted his opinion on whether or not I should try to find a ophthalmologist that specializes in any type of cancer due to ocular side effects of conventional cancer treatments (RT, chemo & biologic agents) a specialist would be able to have a more educated view on issues that may arise in the years to come. I am aware that cataracts could be in my future due to the RT. Dr. Harbour's recommendation was to "start with a good general ophthalmologist, then they can refer you if you need a specialist. I would recommend Dr. Bruce Cohen, who can see you at St. Lukes in Chesterfield. He is a general ophthalmologist but also has retina training." I will be calling to make an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Cohen. Please pray I can get in before the first of July. Dr. Harbour said for me to call his assistant to help in getting an appointment. He has been another blessing in this trial. Praising God for all the puzzle pieces of blessings! We have known their family since Dave and I were newly married and childless.

FYI - The next time you see Dave be sure to give him a BIG congrats! He had his very first out the the park homerun at his softball game on Friday evening. The older boys were quite proud as they had insisted that he hit a homerun. Daddy pulled through with their request. Cole ran up to him to high five him before any of Dave's team mates. Carter now has bragging rights with Mr. Wicht on the opposing Covenant softball team. Carter states that the Covenant team is "going down". He thinks the Chesterfield blue team rocks. I will try and tell you the possible secret to the homerun. It has something to do with body mechanics and family exercise time. My tushy is sore from the exercise. It strengthens your core. Mr. Dave the researcher has done much reading on proper mechanics in pitching. Carter wants to pitch in his upcoming fall ball league. Dave is getting him ready. I along with Cole join in for fun.

Doctors and more doctors in my future! The story of my life. . . . Kate

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