Monday, July 23, 2007

Joe, JAM Camp & Fever

This Friday Joe will have his cast made for the upcoming stereotactic radiation treatment he will receive. His appointment is at 10 am and will last for a couple of hours. I am grateful to soccer Gram and her willingness to watch Cole and Stuart so I can be at Siteman. Carter will be away at J.A.M. camp for the very first time. (J.A.M. stands for Jesus and Me.) The theme at camp is Jesus is my super hero. The camp is for two nights and three days for rising third and fourth graders. Just enough for Mommy. Probably not long enough for him. Already have my "I miss you" card ready to mail tomorrow.

After reading what I posted last on Joe I really didn't make it clear that the new cancer spot found in his lungs is a totally different cancer than what was in his ear. I guess that is a praise that the ear cancer did not spread but all the same it sure must be discouraging for Joe. I haven't phoned him yet. I plan on making a call prior to Friday to check in with him and his neice, Kay. I was preoccupied today with Cole. He was up at 3:15 this morning with a "headache". Throughout the day he had a fever of 102. Thankfully Tylenol helped. I along with him are praying it is a short virus. He was crying earlier this morning for he is looking forward to his Daddy date on Wednesday eve to watch the Cardinals play the Cubs. Dave ended up getting two free tickets from work. Also praying that Carter does not get the virus prior to leaving for camp on Thursday morning. Major disappointments will be had by all if this virus is not out of the home lickety split!

Just a little update on my cancer saga. . .

. . . My hair continues to grow yet it also continues to fall out. Not complaining - just seems odd that it continues to fall after my completion of radiation in early February. I also think I am going to have a cowlick right in the very front. I think it is related to the skin being put back after surgery. The hair folicles were probably turned. There is a good possibility that my new hair growth will have some curl to it. Not surprising as I have some wave underneath in the back. It will be a challenge though having curl in just the radiated section. What fun I will have in styling it.

. . . I still take a nap every other day. Not waking up as early in the morning. Yippeee!

Continue to lift up Joe and his new diagnosis. Praying that I will be a blessing.

Looking forward to Friday,

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Laura Joback said...

I KNOW you will be a blessing to Joe...that is NOT a doubt! You are a blessing to all of us by just being YOU! I've been mailing stuff out every day for my neice Alyssa who is at church camp this week. They make them SING for their mail if they get more than 3 pieces/day or if they get a package. Isn't that a riot? I sent a package (ha ha!). Hope she stays on-tune! From Isaac: I'm here. You are a princess. Well, your owie is feeling okay--you wanna be okay. I wanna give you a hug (air hug given next to the computer). Good-bye! And here's an air hug from me: [ ] = air hug. Love ya! Jobacks