Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reminiscing to tears

I had an afternoon yesterday of some weeping. Carter and Cole were watching the movie Barnyard during Stuart's nap. In between cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry I sat and watched the first portion of it with them. A certain scene in the movie made me weepy. The main leader cow, Ben who "adopted" Otis is a kind cow. He mentored and parented Otis well. There was a sweet scene of them talking on the hill and Ben recalling Otis as a young child. In short, Ben was killed by the coyotes while protecting the chickens in a storm. The preceding moments in the movie moved me to tears. Otis was remembering back at a young age - Ben fishing with him. I was recalling the coming moments of my boys reminiscing their memories of me. They didn't see me cry. Carter was laying on the floor in front of me while Cole was behind me on the couch. I went outside to the back patio table and finished my sadness while shaded under the umbrella. I just spoke to God and relayed my concerns along with my desires.

It seems that any story or movie clip that I see where a child has a lose of a parent I am moved to tears because it hits so close to home. It even happened while watching the previews of Ratatouile a few weeks back.

I called Dave to let him know what kind of afternoon I was having. He was so tender with his words and encouraged my heart. He had a Trader Joes run after work and surprised me with a bouquet of red roses.

Last night I had the worst right eye ache. Enough for me to take Tylenol. I guess the crying and no nap did me in. I went to bed by 9 pm.

Pray for a low key day of finalizing Carter and his packing for camp. I hope to find time today to call Joe.

Disclaimer: The Barnyard movie is Ok. Some disrespect is in it but the overall theme is good. Be sure to read all about it on


The Jobacks said...

Kate, my heart is heavy for you. I can see how anything along those parent-loss story lines would hit too close to home. We love you! Jobacks

Anonymous said...


Thanks for staying in touch with Uncle Joe. He will look forward to hearing from you or possibly seeing you on Friday. We keep you in our prayers as well. I know Uncle Joe sure looked forward to seeing you while he was taking treatments.

andy said...

spoiler alert, guess i'm not renting that one now. ;)

Caleb still prays for you at night and we love you guys!

Oldqueen44 said...

There are so many of the children's movies that I can't watch because I don't like crying through them. I watched the new CARS movies for the first time the other day and cried during that. All this from a person who is not too weepy.