Saturday, July 14, 2007

Always with You

Lately Stuart has been wanting the same books each nap and bed time. He has a good rotation of favorites. This past week the two favorites have been Little Red Hen and Little David & Big Goliath. He always mentions that the other animals weren't willing to "help him"(the red hen). In the David and Goliath flap book it shows David and his mighty trust in the Lord in a huge circumstance. I am always amazed each time I read it the trust he had in God. Me of little faith. The book ends with -

David knew God would help him. Even if you are small and have a big problem, you don't have to worry. God helped David and he will help you. He is always with you.

Jesus promises: "You can be sure that I am always with you."
Matthew 28:20
I love knowing God is always with me! What comfort.
May your Sunday be one of praise to God Almighty. I am looking forward to serving in childrens ministry as I haven't done in a long, long time. Each time I serve I am so energized with the kids. I really loved serving this past Tuesday for the Twin Oaks VBS. The rising first graders were a delight to my heart. I unfortunately couldn't serve on Thursday due to Stuart being sick. If you think of it - pray for his fever and body. He is miserable. I might be visiting Dr. McKinney on Monday if Stuart isn't any better.
Little David & Big Goliath by Tracy Harrast Illustrations by Carl Moore

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Amy, Matt, and Caroline said...

Hi Kate!

That was so crazy to meet you today! I'm glad that we got to meet you (& boys!) in person, even though it was quick.

A couple things- I was excited to see a comment on your blog from Especially Heather, because I have been meaning to comment about her blog to you. Glad that connection has been made.

I want to thank you for sharing God's hand in your life with us (including those you don't know-me!). What a ministry! And thanks for delighting in your husband and boys-- it encourages me that familylife can be good and like God wants it to be. I came from a broken family, and needed to know that even with 3 busy boys, you still obviously enjoy your family, if that makes sense. So many parents talk negatively about their spouses and kids, and I am encouraged by how you don't!

Sure hope Stuart starts feeling better soon! Yet I am thankful that God used his not feeling well so that we could meet! Praying for your family!