Wednesday, April 25, 2007

College Major & Bean Plant

Special quotes from Carter and Cole

Monday evening while Dave & I were doing the dishes and Carter was clearing the table he was discussing his day and their standardized testing. I told him he will have testing up until he is older. He asked if he will be filling in the holes in college as well. My response was that he will probably take a test to allow him to get into college. After that response Carter mentioned that his good friend Logan wants to go to the University of Kentucky. I told him I wasn't surprised due to his parents being southern folks. Carter was wondering where he thought I would most see him go to college. "It all depends on what you want to major in." As Carter was walking out of the kitchen he most assuredly without any question responded "I'm going to major in sports." Like duh mom. Dave and I really were amused by his college major. No hesitation was with his response. Dave chuckled and said "That is a 8 year old for ya."

On to Cole and his first grade plant project. At carpool yesterday Cole was holding a plant. The first words out of his mouth were "Guess how many inches my plant is." I said I didn't know. He proudly announced "Nine inches and 23 millimeters." After further investigation he told me that his plant came from a bean. I love how it wasn't just nine inches. He made sure I knew he measured it himself with his ruler.

I just love the way God made boys. I love their uniqueness and zeal.

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Anonymous said...


I distinctly remember asking my parents when I was in fifth grade if had to go away to college, because I wanted to always live with them. They said yes, I could go to college in town and lives with them. Then I asked if I could live with them after I finished college, and my mom said not to worry, I could live with them FOREVER. Then I said, how about I just skip the whole college thing entirely and be a waitress and live with them forever?

Eight years later, I went away to college, waited tables to put myself through, and got married 6 days after graduating!! FOREVER turns out to be until I was 22!

Kids are so cute!