Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Sharp Stick in the Eye

Saturday brought me the start of my concerns with the upcoming Wednesday MRI scan. My right eye has been aching at intermittent times. During the evening filling of Easter eggs my eye had for a moment a sharp sensation. The only way to describe it was - it was like a sharp stick in the eye.

Today (Easter Sunday) after not such a good nights sleep brought more eye aches. The pain is always in the right eye above and behind the eye ball. I even took a nap prior to the dinner in hopes that it would help. I have noticed sleep deprivation brings on eye fatigue. Two tylenol were taken prior to dinner at grandpas. The multiple aches still occured. They hurt enough for me to not concentrate fully on a conversation. Thankfully the pain doesn't last a long time. Just 40 seconds or so.

I am concerned about the right eye aching. Pray it is still trying to heal from brain surgery or radiation therapy (RT). Dave and I were discussing my concerns last night and he said it is and will be normal to have some concern prior to an upcoming scan. The right eye pain is heightening my concerns this time.

Wednesday, April 11
8 am - MRI scan
9 - labs
9:30 - Dr. Linette - discuss MRI results and other concerns

Thank you for lifting this concern and MRI to the Lord on my behalf.

Needing a good backrub - kate


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the pain, especially on such a special weekend. I will be praying for it to go away, and also for your MRI results to be favorable.
Tiffani G

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
I'm sorry to hear about your eye ache. I will be praying for you that it is absolutely nothing. I'm sure it was a pretty busy time for you this Easter weekend, and with your upcoming MRI - could it maybe be by any chance stress? Stress does funny things to the body. Stress has done funny things to my body before. It was just something I thought about.
I'll pray for you that God takes away your eye pain and that you have TOTAL PEACE for this week!! Hang in there, Kate.

Stacey Preusser

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

We are praying for your MRI on Wednesday. I am sure that if I was in your shoes, every little ache and pain would make me nervous! I will pray for you to have peace, because I know when I am stressed, all of my discomforts are magnified. Praying that the sharp discomfort is actually a good sign of healing and restoration taking mplace.

Love you,


The Jobacks said...

Ooooh, me too! Count me in! I'm hoping right along with ya' that the discomfort you're experiencing is from scar tissue and the healing process, not from regrowth!
We'll be praying for you in "T minus 2 days and counting," as if we're not praying today (ha-ha)...
Blessed to hear about the video project...just another way for you to affect peoples' lives.
...I've been thinking about your "need a good backrub comment..." Do you think it would be terribly illegal if we hung out outside a spa somewhere and nabbed a masseuse? Kate, I'll make you a deal...since you eye's all a' dither and all at the moment, I'll do the nabbing part if you do the stuffing-them-in-your-closet part. See,...I have it all figured out. You can have the masseuse on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. I'll come over, transfer the bound and gagged professional to MY car on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I figured YOU should get one more day / week massages than I, what, with the whole cancer thing you have going on and all... If you're game, let me know. Otherwise, maybe you'll just settle for a gift certificate. Toodles! Jobacks out!