Monday, April 30, 2007

Peach fuzz a Growin'

First of all I couldn't get the pictures to line up.

Many family members have told me how much my hair has been growing. It is great encouragement for me to have almost all of it starting to grow back. There is one little section over the right area that is yet to come in. Thank you Carter for taking the pictures.

While on the flight home from Florida I wasn't wearing my headband to cover the odd looking area. A passenger stopped me while I was taking Stuart to the latrine. She thought I was a stewardess for the airlines and wanted some kind of drink for her baby on the decent. So I guess my odd looking area is not as noticable to others as it is to me. The boys don't even take a second glance when I put it up for the evening. That is great news! We are adjusting to cancer and everything that goes along with it.

Yesterday I started to have some occasional pain on my left side of my head. It doesn't last long. Not enough to take tylenol. I have a call into oncologist Dr. Needles. I should hear something by late afternoon if I should have any further concern. I don't like having the pain on the left. Dave asked if it was a dull or sharp pain. I cannot describe it only to say it is not as excruiating as the previous tumor pain on the right side. Just wanting to make sure though that it is just "normal" pain.
Working on Field Day preparations for Covenant Christian School. It is next Friday, May 11. All will have a blast including myself.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on the peach fuzz!

I'll be praying about the left-sided pain, and for your peace of mind!


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the above!
Tiffani G

Laura Joback said...

OK: just for the record, THAT's more than peach fuzz! That's at least:
-smiliar to a brand new buzz cut on a army inductee
-more hair than a Mexican Hairless Dog or a Chinese Crested Dog (that's a compliment coming from me)
-a LITTLE less hair than a coconut has, but NOT MUCH! (I was trying to think of a fruit that had more hair on it than a peach...didn't come up w/ many options) AND hair on a coconut tends to be somewhat sparse...yours, my dear, IS NOT--it's coming in so be-yoo-tee-full-eeee!!!
Oh, Hallelujah for the growth phase of the hair cycle! Grow, baby, grow! Laura!