Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Dave

Happy Birthday Dave!



Laura Joback said...

Yeah, Dave! Happy Birthday! Thinking of you all today and hope all is well. The Stuart picture was DEFINATELY a keeper. Not so sure that I would have internetted the one of my son dressed up in womens' clothing...just kidding, guys, it IS hilarious! Hope he doesn't do it too often, though...just kidding again. Good for boys these days to be in touch w/ their feminine sides! :) Hugs to all. PS: Gram: I laughed out loud (LOL...aren't you proud that I know that cyberterm since I'm so NON computer savvy?) anyway, laughed out loud when I read about you falling asleep in the car. Glad you're OK! Jobacks out!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Dave. Celebrate the day with a little refined sugar!!

The Byars Clan

The Jobacks said...

Hope you all are having fun in the sun! Thinking of you this week! Get some sand in your bathing suit for me, OK? ...Not that that's pleasant, or anything, it just invariably happens. One of those beach things, I guess!