Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Disinfecting first grade

Don't you know it is when your husband is out of town when a child is sick. That was the case last night for dear Cole. His allergies are in full force affecting his breathing not to mention the eyes and nose and . . . Really. Last night during the bedtime routine Cole came to me and said that he thought he should go see a doctor due to his breathing. His exhale was producing a crackle noise. After listening to him I concluded to wait and see. Cole has had stridor (airways are closing up) before so I know when it is an emergency. I called Dave and he said he heard wheezing the night prior. Cole also had a cough the past few nights. He had been outside probably too much and his allergy sensitivity kicked into full swing. I went to bed after he prayed with Daddy over the phone. I stressed to Cole to wake me no matter what if he thinks his breathing is so bad that he can't take it any longer. I was exhausted from the day and fell asleep quickly. Woke up at 1 am worried about Cole and prayed. Morning came and Cole was feeling better and the crackling was gone. After dropping Carter off at school Cole was able to see Dr. McKinney at 9:30 this morning. Love Him! He is a fantastic pediatrician. He even came to the hospital along with his nurse, Camille to see me after my surgery. While at the pediatricians Camille noticed Coles neck lymph nodes were enlarged like marbles. She asked him if he had a sore throat. "No" was his response. She said she was going to swipe him for strep. I said great get my $30 copay worth. Dr. McKinney examined Cole and it does seem he has allergy induced asthma. He heard some wheezing. An inhaler was prescribed to get us through spring allergies. It was made known that most patients who have asthma can be linked to allergies. Guess what . . . he has strep as well with not a sore throat complaint nor a fever. Not one of my kids have ever had strep. At 3 pm when I picked up Carter I took in my Lysol disinfectant wipes along with spray and wiped down all the first grade desks. I also sprayed the room. I don't know how long Cole has had strep and it is highly contagious. Realizing that the germs were there all day I still felt good to at least wipe down Cole's desk before he headed back to school. So my philosophy is why not the all the desks. He will be able to return to school after he has been on the antibiotic for 24 hours. Thankful for Cole that a cold front has moved into St. Louis. Don't like getting the winter coats back out but it will help Cole a little.

On a totally different note my next MRI is a week away from today. It is Wednesday, April 11 at 8 am. Aghh! That means I will need to leave the house by 7 am. My bloodwork is immediately following the MRI then I see Dr. Linette at 9:30 to discuss the scan. For the most part I am not fearing the upcoming scan. This Saturday evening I did have some concerns but by Sunday afternoon I was able to give it over to God. I had been asked on Saturday from someone if I wanted to postpone the MRI till after a special trip so if there is growth it isn't looming over my head. (I guess you could say literally.) I decided that I will need to deal with it no matter when it comes. I don't have much control over that. Come to think of it I am learning I am not in control of anything. That is why I have God.

Praying for a clear scan and for Cole's health.


Anonymous said...

Me too!
Love ya,
Tiffani Gibbs

The Jobacks said...

Those sneaky Streptococal bacteria! Down w/ the bugs! Lysol away, Kate, Lysol away! I like Dr. McKinney, too! We've seen him w/ the boys b4...good bedside manner & very gentle despite his being so tall! Praying for you all w/ Dave gone...for healing, for safe return for Dad (& a happy homecoming to his wife :) ), for a blessed holiday weekend. Talked about Jesus to the boys today...that Good Friday honors the day that Jesus died,....but is he still dead? Reply: NO! Why? Jesus is...(pause) Reply: ALIVE! Wondrous thing... Thinking of you & yours, Kate!