Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let's Give a Cheer!

Let's Give a Cheer
A sigh of relief should be heard
For growth in Kate's brain Dr. Linette said "That's absurd!"
So hip hip hooray, let's give a cheer
the April scan is clear
NO cancer resides here.
Praise God!
As for the eye it is unclear what is causing the pain. I should see Dr. Forget if it persists. My next scan is on Monday, June 11 and the results will be known 2 days later per Dr. Needles on Wednesday the 13th. Truly there is a sigh of relief! Carter will be happy as well. He prayed last night for God to keep the cancer away from my brain. He prayed " . . . because she is my mommy and she is very special to me. I want her to live till she is at least 90. 80 something is ok too!"
Except for the multiple delays - all went well. I was there no later than 7:44 am. My MRI didn't officially start till 8:40. Forty minutes past the scheculed time. My blood work wasn't till almost 10 o'clock. Dr. Linette understood the delay. I was a little miffed at a man in the elevator mocking my attempt to call Dave to give him the good news. It was a good thing that I only needed to go up one level or I would have given him a piece of my mind. He was saying "Great someone on their cell phone. Hi honey, I'm pregnant." Ohh the sparks were flying in my head. Come to think of it he looked pregnant. I should of held up the elevator to tell him the great news to let him know that not all phone conversations are about pregnancy but more important details of a clear brain scan. It was a good thing I kept my mouth shut. Spicy Kate would not have been a great witness.
Thanks for praying! Here's to many many more clear scans. Who knows you might get another poem in June.


Anonymous said...

God is GOOD all the time~ Praising Him with you- Love, Bill and Jen Peskorse

Anonymous said...

to God be the glory. cheering and praising with you.

Anonymous said...


SO THRILLED FOR YOU! I can't imagine the relief. Praise God that your healing remains.

Cell-phone guy would have been HORRIFIED to hear me give my entire medical history over my cell phone this afternoon! (Have to say I was a bit uncomfortable too, but I was trapped in a crowded waiting room with no where to go, and had to give the info for a procedure I am having tomorrow.) I told the nurse on the phone, timing is everything! People in the waiting room pretended not to take note of what year I had a miscarriage or what asthma meds I take!!

I personally think that transferring your kidnapped massage therapist from your house to the Jobacks house all the time will be a nuisance.:) Much better instead to keep the massage therapist in one location all the time, and just take turns coming to him or her!! (I haven't ever had a massage, but I will say I've heard rave reviews.)

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear the news! You have been on my mind and in my prayers all night and day. Praising God with you and Dave:)

Meredith Heintz

Anonymous said...

All of us here in Columbia Missouri are rejoicing with you today. I'm so happy the MRI was clear. The next one will be a day before my birthday so that will help me remember!
Mary Jo

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!
Rejoicing with you!

Anonymous said...

I've been praying specifically about your MRI, and so thankful and relieved that it's clear!!! I can't imagine YOUR relief and joy!!!

I'm still learning to praise God even when things are really, really sure is a process. Thankful also that God has (and "is") made you more like Him!!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!! Praise God!!!


Anonymous said...

Kate -
You have definitely been in our thoughts today. We are so relieved to hear the good news! We will keep praying for all of you.
Dawn & George Kim

Jamie said...

I am rejoicing with you. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Yea Spicy Kate!
Yea God! He is good!
Tiffani Gibbs

Anonymous said...

To God be the glory!
Praising God from whom all blessings flow,
The Endraskes

The Jobacks said...

Ahem, a little carried away w/the news! What a blessing and a relief! I am really impressed with the transformation in you, Kate, because the "old" Kate WOULD have given elevator man a piece of her "spicy" mind! "New" Kate is more gracious, more controlled, and concerned about her witness to that most rude rider on the 'vator! Way to go "mind transformation!" Maybe that's what God had on HIS brain when he had this most unfortunate oncological incident happen to YOUR brain! Renewal, transformation of the mind, conforming to God, etc! Hmmmm! Facinating! Since I have a "hit" out (in your name, of course) on area massage therapists, you can, if it weren't so unholy (darn!) give me a description of the 'vator guy and we could kidnap him, too! But what we could DO is..... throw him in the trunk, tie him up, gag him (so he couldn't complain) and read him excerpts from your blog AND (oh, would THIS heap piles of coal on his head or WHAT!!) alternate the blog readings with passages from the Bible! Oooooh, yes! What hospital were you at for your scan, anyway? Maybe in all of my spare time (ha, ha) I'll run up there today and prowl around, riding the elevators up and down oh-so-innocently until I spot a pot-bellied quasi pregnant-appearing sourpuss to nab (hope I'd get the right one...)!
Oh, for those of you who don't know me personally, I wouldn't really do it, of course! But it's fun to a' ponder!
Blessings, my fine friend! Toodles!

Nicole Callan said...

Hey, Kate!! Great news on the scan and not bad on the poetry!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kate,
I am so happy to hear of the wonderful news for you. May you have continued happiness in this blessing of the clear brain scan. The Lord has worked in you in such wonderful ways and has put so many people in your life to teach too! You are so lucky to use what God is giving you, including those precious boys of yours, to live life to the fullest. Keep it up Kate, you have a long life ahead of you, I believe that just like I believe that for my son Chase. :-)