Monday, December 11, 2006

Doctor's Disagree: This is why they call it a 2nd opinion.

As of 3:30 today, Dr. Linette's nurse (JoAnn) stated that Dr. Linette does not agree with Dr. Yung's (Houston) treatment plan of radiation alone then oral chem (Temador) later. Dr. Linette is still sticking by the original treatment plan of simutaneous radiation & oral chemo then more chemo to follow. The chemo dosage is also in contention between the two doctors.

Tonight, the hospital tumor board will present my case. Ultimately, however, the patient makes the final decision concerning their own treatment.

We need wisdom more than ever. We are leaning towards Dr. Yung's treatment since he is the specialist.

Dr. Simpson, the radiation oncologist, will also be attending the meeting tonight. At our consultation tomorrow, he will advise us of what the board is discussing tonight.

Whew! Lots of information to digest!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kate,
I pray for discernment for you and Dave in these decisions. Having the doctors disagree in the treatment is not what you need right now. I hope and pray that a decision will be made soon, get the treatment started, be happy with the decision you have made and move on with your life. I pray that God will lead you into the right decision soon.
God bless you,

Laura B said...


We ask for wisdom as Dave and Kate seek to know your will as to her treatment plans. Will you show them the direction that is best for Kate? We pray that you also give them your peace to trust you with this question, as they have been doing faithfully with all the other pieces to this puzzle of cancer and life they are dealing with at the moment. We know that you are able; you have a plan for Kate and her sweet family; that you are in control. We cling to what we know is true, Lord.


Laura Joback said...

Hey, guys:
You're right!! That's why doctors that are consulted give "opinions" (b/c they're EXACTLY that)--and, unfortunately, those opinions can swing an huge arc on the pendulum between Dr A and Dr B. AND that's why people say that doctors "practice" medicine--NO one knows the best course every one human, at least. But God does know what is best and, as Tiffani said, cups you and each and every decision you make in His HUGE and CAPABLE hands). He can work through the hands and protocols, no matter what course is chosen. We'll be praying for the board as they meet about you--that there will be a consensus of opinions (that'd be a miracle!!!) and that the way to go would be clear for you and Dave.
Thought about you two last night in your new green bedroom. Wondered if you guys played some tropical music, gave a bird call every once in a while, possibly a "hoo hoo hoo, ha ha ha" noise of a pretend monkey...did it seem somewhat jungle-ish, like making you guys want to play "Me Tarzan, You Jane" (...oops,...too racy for a holier-than-most blog???) OR is the green of the new decor more regal and make you feel quite proper like you stepped into the pages of an interior decorator magazine? Could go either way, huh? And, Kate, if you decide that you don't like it, you could EASILY remedy the situation and use some of the MYRIADS of taupe paint you have at home already in zillions of tones and add some big patches and some netting, making kind of a camouflage effect. The boys could play war in there and bring their soldier guys and build a fort out of toilet paper rolls. That could be cool, too! "t55t556"...That was from Isaac. He said he wanted to press a button and type "stuffing" (i.e.: something) to you. Love you all!! Praying too! LAURA AND FAM

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave & Kate,
We are praying for wisdom for all the doctors and specialists involved in your care, and for you both as well as you prayerfully make this big decision. It is so evident that the Lord is caring so lovingly for you in so many ways - even in the many experts provided for you who can't seem to agree on the best course of treatment. But we pray that you wil have peace in making your decision, and then courage as you go forward with the chemo/radiation.

We continue to praise God for your strength, enduring faith, honesty, and humor in these circumstances. We serve an awesome, sovereign God who provides for all our needs, and oversees every tiny detail in our lives. What comfort!
With love,
Rachel Memmelaar

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate and Dave,
I tried to post a message this a.m. but had problems with my computer. Even better now though, because as I write this, you are sitting with the doctor discussing your care, and I am praying! And I'm sure I'm not the only one. So know that others are AT the "throne of grace," boldly asking God to direct you and spill down His grace on you as you make your decisions.
Love, Tiffani Gibbs

Amy said...

Dear Snodgrass family,

I don't know you, but your (Kate's) mom knows my in-laws, Steve and Diane, through an old job. Diane ran into your mom at the grocery store, and felt that it was a "God-thing," because she found about Kate, and now can be praying. And let me tell you, my in-laws are prayer warriors! Diane also told me about your blog, because I am into blogs myself. (Dave, I think you mentioned a blog-aholics group- I might need to join- I have read your entire blog in about 3 days). I have been on bedrest for my pregnancy for awhile, so I love following blogs, especially ones that glorify God so much and encourage me in our struggles with this pregnancy. And yours is one of those God-glorifying ones! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Through it, God uses you in the lives of people you don't even know (me!). Please know that I am praying for you (such as during your appt today) and will continue to do so.

Matt and Amy